Vascular Access Device Team (VAD)

  • Responsible for all vascular access devices all over the Hospital like (Port-a-cath, PICC, C.V.L ….) to maintain patency and minimize the risks of infiltration, infection, septicity and other complications associated with the care and use of implanted venous access device such as the Port-a-Cath. and replace use of peripheral cannula with centerlines.

  • The Team does all procedures for centerlines including: access, assessment, dressing, blood sampling.

  • Shares with infection control team in data collection pertaining to blood contaminations related to VAD in order to gather statistics.

  • Manages centerlines complications.

  • Evaluates quality of products related to centerlines.

  • Participates with doctors in management of centerline infections and complications.

  • Sets up policy for centerlines procedures.

  • Maintains updated knowledge for centerline care and management.

  • Collects data in a timely manner for research purposes in order to compile relevant information related to a recurrent problem.