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Operations Management

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57357 Oracle Fusion

Oracle products include an integrated set of business applications software through which all data pertaining to Hospital operation processes are automated and managed including Human Resources, Supply Chain & Finance which not only facilitate and ease business processes, but enable high control and monitoring levels to ensure maximum efficiency – this is reflected in a higher service standard provided to our patients in all aspects,

Oracle is the choice of most successful companies and enterprises due to its efficient database management options and security options.

57357 is the first Hospital in the World applying Oracle Fusion Modules end to end solution, which has been recognized by Oracle International by awarding 57357 Hospital the Best Digitized Hospital in the world in 2019 – Oracle also approved 57357 Hospital as the reference of Oracle International in Heath Care Oracle Modules Development.

Human Resources

Human Resources Module manage all Hospital manpower from screening process, hiring, vacancies, to exit interviews if applicable – controlling and monitoring all staff day to day needs from Human Resources in terms of vacations, days off, attendance and scheduling to monthly salaries and their elements as well as all staff records including training and evaluation trough performance management system.

Supply Chain

End to End Supply Chain Module – Hospital 57357 is the approved Oracle International reference for this module – starting with planning for more than 6,000 active supplies items to ordering, receiving and inspection, bar coding and storage, dispensing and tracking dispensing activities across 55 locations within Hospital 57357 – and monitoring more than 1200 transactions daily – all of that fully automated, inspected, and managed.


Combining all of Oracle Transactions translated into financial records – fully operating the Finance Cycle in terms of payables, receivables, treasury, accounting, inventory control, budgeting and auditing – which enables the management of the Hospital’s financial records within closed cycle of monitoring and authentications, whereby every transaction is monitored and reviewed across four levels.