Pharmaceutical Services & Sciences

Meet our Team

Mohamed Nagy
Director of Department of Pharmaceutical Services and Sciences
Ibrahim Abdo Ibrahim
CEO Assistant and Deputy of Pharmaceutical Services & Sciences Department
Mona Elharmeel
Daycare Unit Manager
Hussein Helal
Head of Pharmacy Production Unit
Mohamed Atteya
Deputy of Department of Pharmaceutical Services and Sciences
Reem Elsharkawy
Automated Dispensing Senior Supervisor
Mohab Elhamy
Daycare Unit Pharmacy Supervisor
Fatma Elsenosy
Dispensing Outpatient Pharmacy Supervisor
Ahmed Atwan
Assistant Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Nuclear Medicine & Cyclotron Services
Amr Elkashef
Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Supervisor
Begad Mohamed
Extemporaneous Preparation Unit Supervisor
Dalia Makhlouf
Head of Personalized Medication Management Unit and Pharmacy Specialties Section
Niveen Magdy
IV Admixture Room Senior Supervisor
Samira Azab
IV Mixing and Sterile Area Supervisor
Kareem Elfarsi
Senior Operation Room Clinical Pharmacist
Nermin Ezzat
Clinical Nutrition Support Pharmacist Supervisor
Tarek Mohamed
Pharmacogenetics Specialist at Personalized Medication Management Unit
Rania Saber
PMMU Therapeutic Drug monitoring & Quality Control Senior Specialist Official Auditor for ISO
Marwan Mohyeldin
Intravenous Preparation and Checking Supervisor
Mahmoud Elsherif
Cardiology Pharmacy Specialist
Louay Eldeeb
Outpatient Department and Emergency Room Pharmacies Officer
Sally Fikry Ellethy
Clinical education section head & residency program director
Emad Ezzat
Head of inpatient clinical pharmacy
Ereeny Elkess Mikhael
Pharmacy quality control inspector supervisor
Mohamed Akabawy
Clinical nutrition support pharmacist senior supervisor
Noha Mohamed Sadek Roshdy
Senior Supervisor at the Inpatient Wards
Soha Mohamed Hassan
Supervisor of the outpatient pharmacy
Mennatallah Shehab Elnaggar
Clinical Pharmacist Supervisor, Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, CCHE
Mohamed Osama Makhlouf
Senior Neuro-Psychiatry Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Ahmed Farag Hassan Mohamed
Supervisor of Personalized Medication Management Unit (PMMU)