The Proteomics and Metabolomics Program


“I had training in the proteomics and metabolomics unit in 57357 Hospital. Actually it was the best training in my life. It was beyond expectation. Special gratitude to Dr. Aya Osama and Dr. Shahd Mohamed. They were so kind and patience”.

“First, I would like to thank you a lot for your effort in preparing this course and your effort to support us to grasp the maximum amount of knowledge in the field. The course is great regarding the organization, the knowledge delivered and the way of presentation. I have a small comment that since this field is full of new knowledge to many of attendee, I suggest that the duration of the course to be slightly longer. That is my comment and hope you good luck in next courses. Thank you”

“As for the feedback for the proteomics course at 57357, it gives me a great pleasure to write to you this feedback about the course. It was a great honor to be among the participants of such a great course. This course was very highly organized with a great scientific content and excellent hands-on experience. From having a very limited background on mass spectrometry, I gained through this course extensive knowledge about methods used in protein biology, different techniques for probing proteins and obtained much experience about types of mass spectrometry, the way they work and how to use mass spectrometry technology in our research. For me, this course was extremely beneficial. You and your team showed great enthusiasm to teach us and your patience to all of our questions solidified our obtained knowledge. I was so glad to see in our beloved Egypt a wonderful team with extensive knowledge in a particular field of research. Also, the spirit I saw from every member at 57357 hospital gave us hope for a better tomorrow and I am sure that this hospital will be a beacon for scientific renaissance in Egypt, thanks to the efforts from sincere people like you. Also, I would like to specially thank Ms. Aya and Mr. Hassan. Their profound knowledge was reflected in the practical parts and their efforts and patience is extremely very highly appreciated. Trying to find suggestions to improve this course is extremely challenging, as I find it without any drawbacks. I just suggest to keep up the good work, maintain this great harmony and keep up your kind motivation. In conclusion, no words can express my gratitude towards this great course. A special thanks to you, thanks to Aya, thanks to Hassan and thanks to every member of 57357 hospital. Looking forward to meet you again soon and my very best regards.”

“I have been in contact with the proteomics group twice in 2017. First, during my survey in cancer institutes to fulfil my Cancer predict project (STDF 2017). I visited the 57357 hospital and met several members of the hospital. I feel proud and astonished from the high throughput proteomic facilities that been add to the hospital at the end of 2016. I met Prof. Sameh Magdeldin (head of the group) and his team members, they are really high qualified professional team. The facility houses mass spectrometry (MS), liquid chromatography (LC), and sample preparation systems employed primarily for biomarker discovery and verification studies. Further at the end of 2017 and begin of 2018, I have analyzed my plant samples and they are processing and dealing with the samples efficiently and in excellent manner. Soon, I was supported with the full data in well-organized form. Thank you proteomics team 57357.”

“I would like to thank Dr. Hassan and Dr. Eman for their efforts and dedication, and giving me inspiring and valuable knowledge. Here are some advantages I experienced at the unit; Solid strong knowledge-based analysis of what unit’s researchers receive 2. Friendly fruitful cooperation 3. Hard working and analysis 4. Commitment and high tendancy to help researchers 5. Presence of high quality devices and software which are not found in other research centers.”

“Very helpful, informative staff and accurate results. All is great. Thank you.”

“Many thanks for Dr. Eman and Dr. Hassan for their efforts and my grateful thanks for all staff at 57357 hospital and laboratories for their help and support.”

“Cooperated and helpful staff. They mentioned all results in full details. Thank you”

“We appreciate the service as a general; 1. Good analysis report 2. Excellent contact and their reply on any questions 3. We are proud of their research unit”

“I would like to thank you very much to help me analyzing my samples on Nano HPLC-Triple QToF MS instrument. I received my results and I am very satisfied with them, because they are very clearly identified and presented. I am very appreciating this work and the kind manner. Thank you.”

"I would like to express my gratitude for the proteomics unit for their distinguished service and I hope that many research services will be developed to facilitate the scientific research of many researcher."

"Thanks for the team of the unit for your help in the analysis of LC-MS/MS and the data is accurate."

"I visited proteomics unit of CCHE 57357 in November 2017. I was participated in a research project in Urology & Nephrology Center, Mansoura University and needed to analyse protein content in our samples and the samples analysis has been perfectly analyzed under supervision of highly qualified scientist Prof. Sameh Magdeldin and his team with a promising valuable data. All of team working were very helpful, distinguished and diligent. Thanks a lot for all."