Electronic Payment Service Co.

(Fawry/ B Plus/ Bee/ Masary/Aman/O Pay/Damen/Al Ahly Momken/Insta Pay/Khales)

These companies offer a safe and easy way to donate to 57357

Within the framework of 57357’s agreement with these companies, you are able to benefit from their payment channel services to ensure in a safe and easy manner the receipt of your donation in the Hospital’s account. you can benefit from the service through the company’s collection channels that include Banks’ATM’s and the company’s collection booths available in supermarkets, pharmacies, and Egyptian post offices. During the donation process, you may specify donation type, whether it is naming opportunity, zakat, sponsoring a sick child or general donation. You will receive a receipt from the service provider and you may call us at 19057 or 25351500, 72 hours after the donation process to ensure the receipt of you donation using your receipt data

Fawry system booths are found inside:

  1. Pharmacies.
  2. Bookshops.
  3. Retail shops and Supermarkets.
  4. Post offices.

How to donate through the company’s collection booth:

  1. At the booth inform the collection officer of your intention to donate to 57357.
  2. Specify the donation program (naming opportunity, sponsor a sick child, monthly payment, Zakat , general …) to which you are allocating your contribution and the amount.
  3. Your mobile number is inserted on the company machine.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation receipt with an operation code.
  5. To make sure your donation has been received contact the Hospital on the following numbers: 19057 or 25351500, seventy two hours after the time of the donation.

Payment service companies’ application on mobile phones

Through this application you can choose the donation program and amount then enter the donor’s mobile phone number. To confirm the payment you may call the Hospital’s customer service number 19057 and ask to be connected to the desired department, 72 hours after the donation process

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