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Our heroine, Amal, a 10-year-old girl from Algharbeya is fighting leukemia. She was admitted to the Hospital in October, 2021, and currently she is half way from completing her treatment.

“When we were admitted, we met with Dr. Ahmed Emad, her treating consultant, who kindly explained her condition and said that she might need bone marrow transplantation” shared Amal’s mother. The doctor said that she will start with chemotherapy, if the result is not satisfactory, he will enroll her on the bone marrow transplantation  list. She started the chemotherapy, and the first follow up tests indicated good response. Dr. Emad, who cares about her as if she’s his own daughter, told me that she’s responding well for treatment and have a good chance of recovery. We were brought back to life as we saw Amal getting better because of the excellent care she received at the Hospital. I would like to say to every mother whose son or daughter was lately admitted to the Hospital, don’t be afraid, the Hospital offers excellent services and doctors are taking care of our children as if they were their own, continued Amal’s mother.

We chatted with Amal about how she was getting ready for Ramadan and Mother’s day. I like Ramadan, and I bought decorations from the Hospital to decorate my house, said Amal. I also bought a nice lantern and a drum, to wake my family up for Ramadan sohour. Since Mother’s day is close, I am saving my allowance to buy my mother a necklace, not a gold one of course. On a picture of my mother and me, I wrote her nice words as a gift. When I am cured and I grow up I want to become a doctor like Dr. Emad, and I’ll by her a gold necklace. I like 57357 because I have many friends there, and I draw and play with its volunteers. What I like the most in the Hospital is the quality care that alleviated my pains. I would like to say to everyone: have a happy Ramadan, may God grant cure to me and all of 57357’s children , Amal continued.

Amal is full of hope to recover, with your support she and many other 57357’s children will pursue their treatment.

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