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After 57357’s free 3- year cancer care, Asser is healed Asser’s mother:”The Hospital is upgrading the emergency and the bone marrow transplantation, BMT, departments to enable them to treat more children, and they need our support”.
“May God grant me and all of my friends in 57357 cure”. This is the prayer Asser learned before he learns talking.

Asser is 5 years old. He spent more than half of his age in the Hospital receiving treatment. Leukemia hit him when he was 2 years old. He started his long treatment journey in 57357 on February 4th, 2021, and finished it 4 months ago.
Eman, his mother is glad to share her experience with 57357: my son was a normal child, actively playing and laughing with his twin brother Mazen. I noticed that he gets tired quickly, doesn’t eat well, that his face was pale and that he couldn’t be active as before. I felt that it is serious, and had him take a blood picture before going to the doctor. When the doctor saw the test’s results he said he needed a blood transfusion immediately and he requested more tests, after which he said that Asser has leukemia and he referred us to Hospital 57357.
The mother pursues: we were admitted to the Hospital when came our turn, and his case was critical, we were informed that he has lymphocytic leukemia, and that his treatment would take about 3 years. He started his treatment in 2021, which was a tough time as the corona virus was active, but the Hospital provided good protection and infection control.
During Asser’s treatment period, we used to go to the emergency department frequently, because of the side effects of the treatment, and his low immunity. The emergency department saved my son’s life and that of many other children as they offer emergency care and latest equipment.
During last Ramadan, my son fell on our house stairs and he needed stitches. The doctor requested an x-ray on the brain, which showed light bleeding in the brain. I was shocked and didn’t know where to take him. I thought of 57357, as it is our refuge. I called the treating consultant who advised taking him to the emergency department immediately. They received him in the emergency department and quickly ran x-rays and tests, to discover that the bleeding is increasing. In the same day they admitted him to the operation room and saved his life.
The leukemia treatment is so long, that I stopped counting the number of chemotherapy sessions he had taken. Thanks be to God, he received the best treatment, without us having to carry the burden of the cost, as it was all for free including meals for my son and the accompanying person.
During the treatment period, Asser used to ask me: why am I always sick and admitted to Hospital? And I used to answer him: We will earnestly pray God for your cure. God responded to our prayers and Asser completed his treatment 4 months ago. He still comes to the Hospital for follow up. Asser likes the Hospital, when he goes he hurries to the garden to play with cars and to take pictures among the greenery.
This Hospital needs a lot of support so that they can treat more children. I knew that they are expanding the emergency department and other departments such as the BMT. I have been through this tough experience to be aware of the importance of the emergency department for each child with cancer. It saves lives of children that are confronted with crises  during their different treatment stages, as every second makes a difference. When I talk with our friends, relatives and neighbors I ask them to support the Hospital. I wish if everyone could support this place as much as he can.
Hospital 57357 – blood tests – lymphocytic leukemia – supporting 57357 emergency department expansion – chemotherapy sessions – 57357’s BMT department- emergency care Meta description God granted my son recovery after 3 years of treatment without carrying the burden of the cost .

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