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You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Through painting and coloring, Jana overcomes her fear and fights cancer in 57357.

“I like 57357 because I can paint and color while taking the chemotherapy dose, and I meet my friends in the art therapy workshop”. With these words Jana expresses her feelings towards Hospital 57357.

Jana is 6 years old from Alsharkeya. She was admitted to the Hospital in May 2022 and was diagnosed with leukemia. Once she was admitted and went through x-rays and blood tests, she started her treatment. Currently she has finished the first stage of chemotherapy doses and is getting ready for the second stage.

I knew nothing about my daughter’s illness until I met with Dr. Hesham Moneeb, her treating doctor, who reassured me and told me that her treatment will take three years and that she has a good chance of surviving, said Jana’s mother. I felt emotionally comfortable and reassured because of the nice treatment of 57357’s staff. When Jana started her treatment I was scared, but the way nurses and doctors treated us made a difference in keeping our spirits high. Mr. Kamal and Mr. Ahmed Abdel Fatah, nursing staff on the fourth floor and the art therapy workshop team encouraged her to take her doses without fear. When she doesn’t feel well and unable to leave her room, they come to her to entertain her and to lift her up. I wish that everyone would support 57357 where I am used to donate and Jana also contributes with her allowance.

In 57357 there are loving kind hearted people that take care of our children. With your love and support we will be able to offer them the best care and treatment, and Jana along with many children like will be able to realize their dreams of cure.

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