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You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Our children in 57357 are heroes with different cancer fighting stories. Layali is a 7 year old girl from Alsharkeya Governorate. She was struck with brain cancer which caused nerve atrophy 90% vision impairment of the right eye. Layali was admitted to the Hospital in September 2021. After x-rays and tests, a combined clinic was formed to decide a suitable treatment. Doctors decided not to remove the tumor with a surgery as it is located in a sensitive spot. To save her life and save the left eye, she started chemotherapy. After 8 sessions she went through follow up tests which revealed that her condition is stable and that the tumor size didn’t increase, which was a good sign. Dr. Usama Alrefaei, her treating doctor revealed that her treatment journey will last a year and half, and she is expected to improve, God willing.

Layali: I love 57357 because I have many friends there, specially Dr. Alrefaei who used to talk and laugh with me. He made me want to become an oncologist like him to be able to treat my friends. The lantern that my mother brought to me is the nicest thing in Ramadan, I also like the koshary she makes. I am used to fasting in Ramadan, but this year I cannot fast because of my illness, may God grant me cure.

It is noteworthy that brain tumor is the second most common cancer in children after leukemia, and Hospital 57357 is one of the biggest world centers for treating pediatric brain cancer. With your support the Hospital will be able to continue the provision of the best treatment and care to our little heroine Layali and many children like her.

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