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You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Malak’s mother: 57357 is a blessing from God; they saved my Malak’s life

Malak is 3 year old girl from Almansoura. She was admitted to 57357 in 2015 where she was diagnosed with leukemia. She spent 3 years on a long treatment journey, bravely facing her illness despite her young age. 

 “When we noticed the continuous pallor of her face, we took her immediately to a hematologist. After running several tests, we were shocked when the doctor told us to go to 57357”, shares Malak’s mother. “By then I was imploring God to save Malak’s life. When we were admitted to the Hospital,  she was assigned to Dr. Eman Sidhom as her treating physician. I was overwhelmed by the care and dedication in her follow up on Malak’s case. Eventually I noticed that all children receive the same care from doctors, nurses and all the workers. Despite the bad circumstances of Malak.s sickness, I consider all my memories in 57357 as blessings from God. Every day in 57357 I see a new miracle when doctors, nurses and pharmacists save a child’s life” added the mother.

A major health crisis before the end of Malak’s treatment:

In 2018, few months before the end of Malak’s treatment journey, and as a result of lack of immunity because of chemotherapy Malak contracted chickenpox, which caused severe pneumonia and weakness in respiration necessitating that she be admitted in intensive care. “My daughter’s condition was deteriorated after she caught chickenpox, I was shocked when I found Dr. Sidhom running to the ICU on her day off. Along with the ICU doctors, Dr. Sidhom stayed with Malak until they saved her life as her respiration had almost ceased. Thanks be to God, Malak started getting better, by then I thought that this Hospital deserves every donated pound it receives,” reveals the mother

Malak’s savings is a gift to support 57357’s children’s treatment journey:

After surviving the health crisis she faced, she finished her treatment in July 2018, and started follow up phase every 3 months then every 6 months. Between every follow up visit and the other, Malak used to save her allowance and donate it on every visit.

Chatting with Malak, who is now 9 years old, she shares: Thanks be to God, I survived and I am helping other children to survive too. I wish to become an interior designer when I grow up.

While wishing recovery for all of 57357’s children, we congratulate Malak for having overcome the ordeal.

Your donation, no matter how small, will help us save a child’s life and defeat this dreadful disease.

Treatment cost so far : 992,675 EGP

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