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Cost EGP 300000
Raised EGP 300000

You Can Contribute to the Treatment of a Child with Cancer

Salwa, a 57357 heroine : I am fighting cancer for the second time, and I wish to be cured and to become a dentist

Salwa is a strong beautiful heroine from Bani Swaif. She is 8 years old and  the only girl among four brothers. When she was 5, she got cancer in the pelvic bone and the nerves. Thanks be to God, she overcame the cancer. But, in September 2020 she  relapsed with the cancer attacking the lymph nodes and the neck. Our heroine started a new fight. Dr. Omar Shawki, her treating physician, determined her treatment protocol which includes 12 chemotherapy sessions and 35 radiotherapy doses, since the cancer is more aggressive this time. More than ever, Salwa is strongly fighting the disease with determination to survive, God willing.

Salwa: when I got cancer the first time I was scared of death, but every time I received the medication I felt better, as such I forgot the fear and the pain, and my hope in recovery increased. I was so delighted when I defeated cancer the first time. I learned that I had to be courageous to put up with any frightening thing even if it were cancer.

When I relapsed, the cancer was more aggressive but I felt stronger, I was determined not to cry and I had faith that God would respond to my prayers. I have great hope in cure, God willing. So I am always obedient to my mother regarding treatment, and I used to be the first one to have the cannula set up. Before I take a radiotherapy session, I measure my weight and length by myself, and enter the session without fear. Dr. Engy, the radiotherapy physician, is my friend, she loves me and used to reassure me. Would you pray for me and all of my 57357 friends’ recovery. God willing, I shall realize my dream and become a dentist when I grow up.

With your support, Salwa and her friends in 57357 will pursue  their fight to defeat cancer.

With your support Hospital 57357 will be able to pursue its mission and provide the best care and treatment for children with cancer, free of charge.

Salwa’s lymph nodes cancer treatment costed so far:

The total cost is:          300,000 L.E

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