Hany Ammar, PhD

    Medical Physics Consultant

Medical Physics Consultant


  • PhD. Medical physics, Cairo University.
  • MSc. Medical physics, Cairo University.
  • BSc. Biophysics, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Selected Publications:

  • Comparison of dosimetric characteristics of Siemens virtual and physical wedges for ONCOR linear accelerator. Attalla E.M., Abo-Elenein HS, Ammar H, El-Desoky I. J Med Phys. 2010 Jul; 35(3):164-9.

  • Investigation of a Tertiary Attached Photon Multileaf Collimator Module for Advanced Mixed Beam Radiotherapy H. Ammar, Eldib, E. Attalla, J. Fan & C .Ma. Poster: AAPM Annual Meeting; Philadelphia; Pennsylvania; USA; July, 2010.

  • In-phantom neutron dose distribution for bladder cancer cases treated with high-energy photons. N. E. Khaled; E. M. Attalla; H. Ammar; W. Khalil. Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids. Vol. 166, No. 6, June 2011, 459–468.

  • Dosimetry and spectroscopy of photoneutrons contamination from therapy LINAC. N. E. Khaled; E. M. Attalla; H. Ammar; W. Khalil. Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids. Vol. 166, No. 12, December 2011, 908–917.

  • Megavoltage cone beam computed tomography (MV-CBCT): commissioning and evaluation of patient dose. Abo-Elenein HS, Attalla EM, Ammar H, El-Desoky I. J Med Phys. Oct – Dec 2011 ;36(4): 205-12.

  • Supine Crainospinal Irradiation in children: modification technique to achieve better dose uniformity. Zaghloul MS, Eldebawy E, Attalla E, Ahmed S.; Nazmy M.; Shafik H,. Ammar H. Gulf journal of oncology, 2011.

  • Pre-treatment verification of intensity-modulated radiation therapy in paedia patients: adequate estimation for tolerance limits. Ehab M. Attalla, Hassan Shafik, Hany Ammar, Ismail Eldesoky, Mohamed Farouk, Shimaa Shoier. Chinese-German Journal of Clinical Oncology November 2012, 11(11), 621–625.

  • The impact of intensity modulated radiotherapy on the skin dose for deep seated tumors H. S. Abou-Elenein, Ehab M. Attalla, Hany Ammar, Ismail Eldesoky, Mohamed Farouk, Shaimaa Shoer. Chinese-German J Clin Oncol April 2013; 12(4): 194–198.

  • Evaluation of the peripheral dose and the conformity index for three stereotactic Radiotherapy techniques Arcs, noncoplanar fixed fields and intensity modulation Hany Ammar, Eman Eldebawy, Ehab Maarouf, Wafaa Khalil, MS Zaghloul. International Journal of Cancer Therapy and Oncology Vol 2, No 4 (2014).

  • Does primary tumor volume predict the outcome of pediatri nasopharyngeal carcinoma?: A prospective single-arm studyusing neoadjuvant chemotherapyand concomitant chemotherapy with intensity modulated radiotherapy Mohamed S. ZAGHLOUL,1 Eman ELDEBAWY, Soha AHMED, Hany AMMAR, Ehab KHALIL, Hany ABDELRAHMAN, Wael ZEKRI, Hosam ELZOMOR, Hala TAHA and Amr ELNASHAR. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 2016.

  • Simultaneous Integrated Boost-Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (SIB-IMRT) for the Whole Pelvis did not lead to Significantly Higher Toxicity Rates than Prostate- Only IMRT in Prostate Cancer Patients. Zaghloul MS, Tolba M, Elkady MS, May Ezz El Din, Ammar H, Amin A, Mousa AG and Bakry MS. Vol1 (1109), 2016.

  • A Comparative Dosimetric Study on Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Treatment and Multisegmented Conformal Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer. Hany Ammar, Mohammed Elywa, Amal Halim and Shaimaa Elnabawey. World J. Med. Sci., 15 (1): 48-57, 2018

  • Evaluation of the Characteristics of Ionization Chambers Used for Commissioning in high Dose Rate Linacs . El-Moataz AB, Abouelenein HS, Ammar H, Khalil MM El-Nagdy MS Journal of Medical Physics and Applied Sciences Vol.4 No.1:1. (2018).

  • Performance of radiation dosimeters in gradient regions at different dose rates of linear Accelerators. El Moataz B Ahmed,H.S Abouelenein,magdy khalil,M S El Nagdy,Hany Ammar. Iranian Journal of Medical Physics (2021)

  • Optimum Treatment Planning Technique Evaluation For Synchronous Bilateral breast Cancer. With Left Side Supraclavicular Lymph Nodes Sura Abdulkareem, Haydar H. Alabedi, Ibrahim Al-nidaw, Hany ammar. Iranian Journal of Medical Physics (2021)

  • Structural and luminescent properties of aluminum‒based nanophosphors H.A. Othman, H. Ammar, A. Hussein, H. El-Samman, S.A. Alawsh , I.A. El-Mesady. Ceramics International (2021)