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Dr. Hisham Al-Saify, president of Egypt Cancer Network US, celebrates his birthday among 57357’s children

    Al Saify: CCHE57357’s acquisition of the CyberKnife is a milestone for Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East in the medical field”

Al Saify: CCHE57357’s acquisition of the CyberKnife is a milestone for Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East in the medical field”

Congratulations and Thank God! CCHE57357 is progressing step by step despite the global pandemic.

With a large cake decorated with a picture of him and birthday songs, Hospital 57357’s children welcomed Dr. Hisham Al-Saifi, President of Egyptian Cancer Network USA (ECN) and Professor of Plastic Surgery in America, to celebrate his birthday during his visit to the hospital. Dr. El-Saifi was met by Prof. Dr. Sherif Aboul-Naga, CEO of 57357 Group and General Manager of the hospital, Dr. Nabil Ahmed, head of scientific research in the hospital, and a number of doctors, department heads and patients, and families who joyfully celebrated Al-Saifi’s birthday.

Al-Saifi went on a tour which started with the visit of the building of the CyberKnife equipment (cyber knife), the latest technology in radiotherapy in the field of oncology, which is a real breakthrough in the treatment of cancer patients and will contribute to raising the hospital’s over-all survival rate to reach global rates. The CyberKnife device is an alternative non-invasive solution to surgery to remove the tumor without the pain of surgery, anesthesia, and the patient’s longer stay in the hospital. It also reduces the number of radiation sessions that the patient receives to range between 1 and 5 sessions only, protecting healthy tissues through the tumor tracking feature and reducing side effects.

While visiting the cyber knife installation, Dr. Hisham Al-Saifi, President of ECN US revealed: “Today, I am on site the building that houses the Cyberknife technology equipment. Egypt Cancer Network USA helped in sponsoring certain items pertaining to this new technology. Seeing live the device today is overwhelming, specially that it is only a month or two left for its kick off and we know that this device is the only one in Egypt, in Africa, and in the Middle East as well. This is a medical revolution in Egyptian medicine, African medicine, and the Middle East.”

 “Today I am really overwhelmed with happiness, as I am finally seeing this technology on-site and in reality. Congratulations 57357 and every time I come, I find a new development and more progress, even in times of global crisis namely the Corona pandemic and the global economic crisis,” added Dr. Al Saifi

Dr Al-Saifi also visited the Proton Therapy building and the clinical pharmacy where Al-Saifi watched how medications were prepared and dispensed using a robotic system. He also visited sick children in the Daycare unit and was very impressed by the smart infusion pumps, which  ECN US contributed in providing for the hospital.  These smart pumps are equipped with the most up-to-date technology to control the rate of flow of chemotherapy, which limits human errors. Dr. Al-Saifi ended his tour by visiting sections of the data center, the intensive care unit, the pathology lab, and the recreation center.