This training includes theoretical and practical training, it focused on developing knowledge, skills, and practical application on handling different types of injuries.

By the end of this training / course participants will be able to:

  1. Able to understand how and when to administer first aid
  2. Able to provide appropriate treatment for preserving life
  3. Able to minimize the consequences of injury until the arrival of medical assistance.
  4. Learn all of the steps that need to be taken prior to delivering care during a medical emergency.
  5. Learn how to assess a victim during a medical emergency to determine what care is needed.
  6. Learn to perform CPR on victims.
Day 1•Basics of emergency first aid
• First aid of an unconscious casualty
• Basic resuscitation
• Disorder of circulation (shock)
• Controlling bleeding
• Wounds
• Most common attacks of illness
• Burns, scalds and injuries
• Joint injuries and fractures Poisonings
• Chest, abdominal and pelvis injuries, internal bleeding
• Spinal and limb injuries
• Head and facial injuries
• Observing and monitoring a casualty’s condition
• First aid positions, protecting a casualty, and moves and transport
• injuries caused by cold
• injuries caused by heat
Day 2• Basic Life Support
Wave 108/07/202409/07/2024
Wave 215/07/202416/07/2024
Wave 322/07/202423/07/2024
Wave 405/08/202406/08/2024
Wave 512/08/202413/08/2024
Wave 619/08/202420/08/2024
Wave 702/09/202403/09/2024
Wave 809/09/202410/09/2024
Wave 916/09/202417/09/2024
Wave 1030/09/2024 01/10/2024

Anyone who wants to respond efficiently and effectively in an event or an emergency.

In order to receive your certificate, you have to attend not less than 70%
• Hard copy for 100 Egyptian Pounds
• Soft copy for free

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Course Fees and Registration

First Aids Workshop S 2024

700 EGP
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