During this training participant will have an overview on the Infrastructure for the collection and storage of bio specimens and their associated data Also participants will get to know about how Biological specimen collected, processed and stored under optimal conditions & consequently the Information obtained from such samples opens opportunities to learn more about the causes, prevention and treatment of Cancer.

By the end of the program, the intern will be able to know more about:
• Basic Lab Skills including pipetting and handling of different samples types.
• Principles and Practice of Biobanking.
• Workflow with CCHE-Biobank.
• SOPs of the biobank.
• Ethics involved in Sample collection and sample release.
• Software requirements in a Biobank.
• Quality including DNA,RNA extraction and quantification.

Day / Time10:00-12:0012:00-12:3012:30-2:30
Day 1Overview about biobank-  Ethics in biobankingBreakSops and Overview on Work flow
Day 2Patients recruitment at clinics and informed consent process – Registration and labelling of the samplesBreakProcessing of the samples
Day 3Storage of the samplesBreakProcessing of the samples
Day 4Biobank software requirements and documentation of the samplesBreakRotation in biobank sections
Day 5Quality ControlBreakAssignment and Presentation and discussion what they gained from the training

5 Days

NoWavesAvailable dates
1Wave 1From 28/07/2024 —- 01/08/2024
2Wave 2From 11/08/2024 —- 15/08/2024
3Wave 3From 25/08/2024 —- 29/08/2024
4Wave 4From 08/09/2024 —- 12/09/2024
5Wave 5From 22/09/2024 —- 26/09/2024
6Wave 6From 06/10/2024 —- 10/10/2024

– Faculty of Science, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Agriculture.

In order to receive your certificate, you have to attend not less than 70%.

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Course Fees and Registration

Bio Bank- S 2024

1500 EGP
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