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-Donor Management Process
-Blood donation process
-Blood and blood components processing
-Blood donor testing
-Blood grouping Cross matching
-Dispensing of blood and blood components

Day / Time09:00 – 03:00
Day 1Blood Donation Bank
Day 2Blood Donation Bank
Day 3Laboratory
Day 4Laboratory
Day 5Laboratory

Program Duration is 1 Weeks – Attending 5 Days Daily

Wave 126/12/202130/12/2021
Wave 22/1/20226/1/2022
Wave 39/1/202213/1/2022
Wave 416/1/202220/1/2022
Wave 523/1/202227/1/2022

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Hardcopy with QR code: 50 EGP

Course Fees and Registration

Blood Bank – Nurse

500 EGP
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