The overall emphasis of this 5-days course is the direct patient care roles of Emergency Medicine pharmacist. Through lectures, clinical-based scenarios and simulation activities, the course will teach pharmacists on the fundamentals of direct patient care at the ICU.

The course covers a range of topics including the role of role of critical care pharmacist; Critical care pharmacy services and workflow; role of pharmacist within the code blue team, common disease states and common medications in the ICU; management of infectious complications (Infections in immunocompromised, Hospital-Associated Pneumonia/Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, CNS Infections, etc.), types of shock and electrolyte disturbances/Tumor Lysis Syndrome. Case discussions covering selected topics are offered through Interactive sessions

Additionally, participants get an opportunity to visit the ICU and observe the practice as well as, attend a simulation activity for a code blue. The course offers two workshops covering the basics of dose modification in critically ill patients and calculation of continuous infusion drugs.

The goal of this course is to provide participants with the basic knowledge and decision-making capabilities pertinent to the pharmacotherapeutic management of critically ill patients.

At the end of training all participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of ICU pharmacist.
  • Define the ICU pharmacy workflow.
  • Define ICU common causes of admission and identify the role of pharmacist in the therapeutic management of each.
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of the different disease states encountered in the ICU
  • Develop an appropriate treatment plan for critically ill patients.

Ahmed Anwar; BSc. Pharm.
Ahmed Atwan; BSc. Pharm.MSc., MBA
Amr el Kashef; BSc. Pharm.
Begad Mohamed; BSc. Pharm.
Dalia Makhlouf; BSc. Pharm.MSc.
Dina Hammad; BSc. Pharm.; BCOP
Dina Shawky; BSc. Pharm
Doaa Abdelmegeed; BSc. Pharm
Kareem Alfarsi; BSc. Pharm
Emad Ezzat; BSc. Pharm., BCPS
Enas Magdy; BSc. Pharm.
Hend Gouda; BSc. Pharm.
Ibrahim Abdo; BSc. Pharm., BCPS
Louay El Deeb; BSc. Pharm
Mahmoud Elsherif; BSc. Pharm
May Hassan; BSc. Pharm., BCPS
Menna Shehab; BSc. Pharm
Mohamed Attia; BSc. Pharm, PharmD.
Mohamed Galal; BSc. Pharm.
Mohamed Hussien; BSc. Pharm.
Mohamed Nagy; BSc. Pharm.MSc.
Mohamed Yasser; BSc. Pharm.
Mohamed Zahw; BSc. Pharm.
Mona El Harmeel; BSc. Pharm., BCPS, MBA
Naglaa Adel; BSc. Pharm.MSc., MBA
Nermeen Ezzat; BSc. Pharm., BCNSP
Nihal Abdel Fattah; BSc. Pharm.
Sally Fikry; BSc. Pharm.
Salwa Sayed; BSc.Pharm., CPHQ
Sarah Hisham; BSc., MSc., BCOP, BCPPS
Heba Alnekoudy; BSc. Pharm., BCNSP