The overall emphasis of this 4-days course is the direct patient care roles of Emergency Medicine pharmacist. Through lectures and clinical-based scenarios, the course will teach pharmacists on how to manage patients at the emergency department.

At the end of the course all participants will be able to:

• Define the role of the ER pharmacist.

• Identify the signs and symptoms of the different disease states (including sepsis, fever and neutropenia, diabetic ketoacidosis, dehydration, etc.) presented to the ER.

• Understand the concept of patient centered care.

• Given a patient scenario, select appropriate treatment strategy.

• Develop an appropriate treatment plan for patients presented to the ER.

• Effectively communicate with other Health care professionals.

Ahmed Anwar; BSc. Pharm.
Ahmed Atwan; BSc. Pharm.MSc., MBA
Amr el Kashef; BSc. Pharm.
Begad Mohamed; BSc. Pharm.
Dalia Makhlouf; BSc. Pharm.MSc.
Dina Hammad; BSc. Pharm.; BCOP
Dina Shawky; BSc. Pharm
Doaa Abdelmegeed; BSc. Pharm
Kareem Alfarsi; BSc. Pharm
Emad Ezzat; BSc. Pharm., BCPS
Enas Magdy; BSc. Pharm.
Hend Gouda; BSc. Pharm.
Ibrahim Abdo; BSc. Pharm., BCPS
Louay El Deeb; BSc. Pharm
Mahmoud Elsherif; BSc. Pharm
May Hassan; BSc. Pharm., BCPS
Menna Shehab; BSc. Pharm
Mohamed Attia; BSc. Pharm, PharmD.
Mohamed Galal; BSc. Pharm.
Mohamed Hussien; BSc. Pharm.
Mohamed Nagy; BSc. Pharm.MSc.
Mohamed Yasser; BSc. Pharm.
Mohamed Zahw; BSc. Pharm.
Mona El Harmeel; BSc. Pharm., BCPS, MBA
Naglaa Adel; BSc. Pharm.MSc., MBA
Nermeen Ezzat; BSc. Pharm., BCNSP
Nihal Abdel Fattah; BSc. Pharm.
Sally Fikry; BSc. Pharm.
Salwa Sayed; BSc.Pharm., CPHQ
Sarah Hisham; BSc., MSc., BCOP, BCPPS
Heba Alnekoudy; BSc. Pharm., BCNSP