This program provides pharmacists with fundamentals of clinical pharmacy practice through blended learning experience including:
• Hands on training at 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt CCHE.
• Online sessions and simulation-based videos.

By the end of this internship, pharmacists will be able to:
1) Understand the work flow inside the pharmacy.
2) Know the pharmacist role in oncology and chemotherapy prescriptions.
3) Identify the responsibilities of clinical pharmacists in different units (IV Admixture, Patient Counselling, Inpatient, Critical Care and Others).
4) Discover new areas of pharmacy practice (Nuclear Pharmacy, Personalized Medication Management, Infectious diseases pharmacy and Bone Marrow Transplant).
5) Apply knowledge into practice through various case discussions inpatient area and critical care area.
6) Identity role of evidence based medicine in provision of medication information and literature review.

Chemotherapy protocols
IV admixture
Dispensing Pharmacy
Daycare Pharmacy
Personalized medication management unit
Inpatient Pharmacy
Nutrition Pharmacy
Critical Care Pharmacy
Nuclear Pharmacy
ID Pharmacy

DURATION: 60 hours; 48 hours hands on training at CCHE – 12 hours recorded online sessions.
• Each student will attend 8 days at the hospital (4 days per week) according to the selected groups schedule.
• The recorded sessions will be available from the start of training till 2 weeks after end of training
During 2 weeks the student will have 2 days to cover recorded material online and 8 days onsite at the hospital.

WaveStart date
Wave 19\7\2023-20\7\2023
Wave 216\7\2023-27\7\2023
Wave 323\7\2023-3\8\2023
Wave 430\7\2023-10\8\2023
Wave 56\8\2023-17\8\2023
Wave 613\8\2023-24\8\2023
Wave 720\8\2023-31\8\2023
Wave 827\8\2023-7\9\2023
Wave 93\9\2023-14\9\2023
Wave 1010\9\2023-21\9\2023
Wave 1117\9\2023-28\9\2023
Wave 1224\9\2023-5\10\2023


All pharmacy students and Fresh graduates

Students must attend 70% of each onsite (maximum absence 2 days) to receive certificate “Completion of Pre & post assessment and program survey

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Course Fees and Registration