This course provides pharmacists with skills and knowledge needed in intensive care unit.

The course is 6 live webinars including 17 topics with case scenarios and interactive discussions.

By the end of this course, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Know the role of the intensive care unit pharmacist
  • Understand the basic pharmacokinetic principles of dose calculations in critically ill patient
  • Identify main causes of admission in the intensive care unit
  • Illustrate the pharmacological management of many disease stats in intensive care unit
  • Highlight the role of the ICU pharmacist in code blue team
28 April 2020Webinar 1• Clinical pharmacy practice in critical care
• Common disease states in ICU
• Dose modifications in renal impairment
30 April 2020Webinar 2• Electrolyte disturbances
• Acid base disorders
• Nutrition in critically ill
03 May 2020Webinar 3• Sedation and analgesia
• Hospital acquired pneumonia and Ventilator associated pneumonia
• Covid 19 pneumonia
05 May 2020Webinar 4• Types of shock I
• Types of Shock II
• Continuous infusions calculations
07 May 2020Webinar 5• Role of pharmacist in code blue
• Infection in immuno-compromised patients
10 May 2020Webinar 6• CNS infection
• Antiepileptics
• Hypertensive emergencies

Sherif Kamal
• Chief pharmacist
• Clinical pharmacy programs director

 Emad Ezzat Ahmed

•Critical care pharmacies supervisor
•Clinical pharmacy education supervisor
•Preceptor Colorado University, ASHP IPPR
•BCPS Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
•Biostatistics diploma, Ain shams University

Ibrahim Abdo Ibrahim
•First Operating Rooms Clinical Pharmacist at Egypt and Middle East
•Preceptor Colorado University, ASHP IPPR
•MBA Hospital Management at Arab Academy for Science Technology
•Health Economic Diploma at Arab Academy for Science
•MSc Master Degree of Clinical Pharmacy from Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities
•BPSC American Board Pharmacotherapy Specialist Certified

Sally Fikry

•Pharmacy Residency program Manager
•Dispensing supervisor from 2014-2016
•Clinical pharmacy education head from 2016-2018
•Member at ESOP, POEM

Ahmed Anwar
•Pharm D program Manager
•Supervisor of clinical pharmacy education department from 2016 to 2018
•Operation supervisor of clinical pharmacy educational programs in continuous education department in 2018
Nermeen Ezzat Hanna • B. pharm, BCNSP
• Clinical Nutrition pharmacist supervisor