This course provides participants with the concepts to understand important data definitions and also understand the stages of data management journey. The course explains the different types of data and how to deal with each type. In addition, the course provides practical demonstration for entering and analyzing data using Excel. Topics covered include introduction to data management, stages of data management journey, common pitfalls during applying data analysis, data sources in health care, study of different information systems in health care, types of data, descriptive statistics, sampling techniques and sample size calculations, statistical process control, and process capability study, development of key performance indicators, and constructing interactive dashboards and Balanced Scorecards, and finally, study of national & international standards for information management in health care.

At the end of this course the staff will be able to:

  • Understand important data definitions.
  • Demonstrate data management stages.
  • Differentiate between different data sources in health care settings.
  • Define data types.
  • Apply descriptive statistics on different data types.
  • Visual presentation of different data types.
  • Apply statistical process control study.
  • Examine process capability.
  • November 2022
Day / Date Lecture Instructor
Wednesday   01/12/2021Intro to data ManagementDr.shaimaa
 Dr Ahmed abo elmaty  
Wednesday   08/12/2021Information systems in health carDr.Ahmed Aboelmaty Dr.Yousra Hamdi
Wednesday   15/12/2021Data Management Journey  Dr.Ahmed Aboelmaty Ms.Yasmine Mostafa
Wednesday   22/12/2021  Descriptive Statistics & Data PresentationDr.Ahmed AboElmaty
Wednesday   29/12/2021  Apply descriptive Statistics on SPSSDr.Ahmed AboElmaty
Wednesday   05/01/2022Discover your processDr.Ahmed AboElmaty Dr.Sarah Ebrahim
Wednesday   12/01/2022Building measurement systemDr.Ahmed Aboelmaty Mr.Belal Ebrahim
Wednesday   19/01/2022Apply National & International standards related to IM in Health care.Dr.Ahmed Aboelmaty Dr.Sara Ebrahim  

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