In this training, participants will receive an overview of the processes and procedures involved in patient preparation before a radiological exam. Additionally, they will acquire skills related to safe practices and post-processing

By the end of the program participant will be able:

  • Read and understand the request of clinician.
  • Deal with patients and data privacy.
  • Plan the exam.
  • Know the Daily practice of advanced techniques.
  • Use injectors and printer.
  • Be able to engage with radiologist.
  • Know how to review PACS.

DaysMRICTX rays
DAY 1MRI Hazards and Patient safetyRadiation Hazards and Patient safetyTube warmup and radiation Hazards
DAY 2Patient preparation for MRI  proceduresPatient preparation for CT proceduresPatient preparation for X-ray procedures
DAY 3Main Procedures and ProtocolsMain Procedures and ProtocolsMain Procedures and Protocols
DAY 4Advanced Protocols and post processingAdvanced Protocols and post processingX-ray Positioning
DAY 5PACS and How to remove image artifactsPACS and How to remove image artifactsFluoroscopy Techniques and Portable X-ray
No.WavesAvailable Dates
1Wave 1From 07\07\2024 To 11\07\2024
2Wave 2From 14\07\2024 To 18\07\2024
3Wave 3From 21\07\2024 To 25\07\2024
4Wave 4From 28\07\2024 To 01\08\2024
5Wave 5From 04\08\2024 To 08\08\2024
6Wave 6From 11\08\2024 To 15\08\2024
7Wave 7From 18\08\2024 To 22\08\2024
8Wave 8From 25\08\2024 To 29\08\2024
9Wave 9From 01\09\2024 To 05\09\2024
10Wave 10From 08\09\2024 To 12\09\2024
11Wave 11From 15\09\2024 To 19\09\2024
12Wave 12From 22\09\2024 To 26\09\2024
13Wave 13From 29\09\2024 To 03\10\2024
  • Medical applied science.
  • Medical technical health institutions.

In order to receive your certificate, you have to attend not less than 70%.

  • Hard copy for 100 Egyptian Pounds
  • Soft copy for free

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Course Fees and Registration

Diagnostic Radiology S 2024

1000 EGP
Please Select Your wave