Embark on a journey of discovery at Hospital 57357, where science comes to life, shaping a brighter future for all students through sessions, interactive games, videos, and hands-on activities.
Inspired by the goal of ensuring that every student has the opportunity to imagine themselves as scientists, this intensive program aims to provide students with a clear path to real science learning experiences that they may not otherwise have access to in their academic curriculum.

FOR BASIC PROGRAM (Grade 7 to 9):

This 5-day intensive program is designed to inspire and motivate students in grades 7 through 9 to explore education in the biological, statistical, and biomedical sciences. The program’s goal is to help bridge the gap between theoretical studies and practical applications, making science more engaging and interesting for students. The interactive gaming sessions will challenge the students to apply their knowledge in fun and creative ways, while the hands-on activities will allow them to directly interact with scientific concepts and processes. By the end of the program, the students take their newfound passion and skills back to their schools and communities.

FOR Advanced PROGRAM (Grade 10 to 12):

This 5-day intensive program for grades 10-12 exposes students to a variety of fields, including biology, biomedical sciences, and bioinformatics, assisting them in discovering their passion and deciding on the best university path. Students investigate these disciplines interactively, gaining theoretical understanding while emphasizing real-world applications. Along with core content, the program develops students’ critical soft skills such as problem-solving and communication, which will benefit their education and careers. Participants complete the program with a thorough understanding of biological, biomedical, and statistical sciences gained through hands-on, immersive, research-based learning. This integrated strategy motivates and empowers students to make informed decisions about their future educational and career paths.

By the end of this Program participants will be able to:
Practical Skills Development

  • Acquire hands-on skills by learning basic laboratory techniques.
  • Get acquainted with research basic knowledge, ethics, methodology, types, and some practical applications.
  • Learn to interpret and analyze experimental data, draw conclusions, and propose logical solutions to scientific challenges.

Knowledge Acquisition

  • Investigate the science behind the cell, chemical composition, and medical devices
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of different perspectives on science.

Data Analysis & Critical Thinking

  • Acquire the skills to analyze data and develop a practical understanding of observational studies in a healthcare context through the utilization of statistical methods.

Improve personal skills

  • Enhance communication, time management, and problem-solving skills Through professional activities.

Daily sessions and activities for five days starting Sunday (9 am to 3 pm)

Know Your Cell: An Adventure into the Microscopic World.
Unravel the Genetic Code: A Journey Through the Double Helix.
Learn about Proteins and Chemical Composition: Explore the diverse function of proteins in the human body.
Know your immune system, know your enemy: Explain the human immune system’s components and functions.
Energy production and the cell’s powerhouse: Identify the metabolic pathways involved in energy metabolism.
Exploring pharmacy: Understand the role of pharmaceutical compounding.
Soft Skills Sessions: To actively develop and improve their interpersonal influence skills (proper time management, leadership traits, working in a team ….etc) through an interactive learning experience.
Statistical Practice: Gain a practical understanding of observational studies in a health context.

Discover different engineering applications in the biomedical field: Gaining hands-on experience with the science behind selected medical devices.

Each student will be able to watch 57357 services and explore how fundraising is crucial for patients’ care and hospital support. All program aspects will be intermingled with entertainment and fun.

For the Basic Program (20 students per wave)

Wave 1 B – From 7 July to 11 July
Wave 2 B – From 21 July to 25 July
Wave 3 B – From 4 Aug to 8 Aug
Wave 4 B – From 18 Aug to 22 Aug

For the Advanced Program (20 students per wave)

Wave 1 A – From 14 July to 18 July 
Wave 2 A – From 28 July to 01 Aug
Wave 3 A – From 11 Aug to 15 Aug
Wave 4 A – From 25 Aug to 29 Aug

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For reservations:

Call: 19057 EXT: 1768 (9 AM – 3 PM)

For Technical info:

Call: 19057 EXT: 7218(9 AM – 3 PM).

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Group and individual registration

Basic Program / G 7-9

3500 EGP / per student Limited time offer attributable to the 17th anniversary of Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357

Advanced Program/ G 10-12

3500 EGP / per student Limited time offer attributable to the 17th anniversary of Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357