This workshop provides a basic understanding of health information technology in nursing practice to prepare nurses to effectively and efficiently use of technology. It will clarify the role of Health Information system and Clinical decision support system in health care. It focuses on technology-based health applications which support clinical, administrative decision-making, to enhance the efficacy of day-to-day patient safety and nursing practice. Provide knowledge about Point of Care technologies (POC) that nurses are using to provide better patient care. Practicums are designed to enhance the attendees’ experience in using electronic medical record.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the concept and value of Clinical decision support system (CDSS)
  2. Identify the impact of CDSS in quality of care.
  3. Understand the point of care technology, and what is the beneficial for patient outcome.
  4. Apply all health information technology knowledge regard nursing practice on a real-world environment.
Wave 1From 09/07/2023 – 13/07/2023
Wave 2From 06/08/2023 – 10/08/2023
Wave 3From 03/09/2023 – 07/09/2023
Wave 4From 01/10/2023 – 05/10/2023
Mode of deliveryDayOutlinesDuration Time 
OnsiteDay # 1Introduction to electronic heath records and system life cycle 180 min10:00AM – 01:00PM
 Day # 2The Clinical decision support system in Nursing Practice +Demo180min10:00AM – 01:00PM
 Day # 3Barcoding Technology at Point of care +Demo180min10:00AM – 01:00PM
OnsiteDay # 4Inpatient workflow180 min10:00AM – 01:00PM
 Day # 5Outpatient /Surgical workflow180 min10:00AM – 01:00PM

Staff nurse (BSN)

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Course Fees and Registration