Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the International Pharmacy Residency Training Programs at Children Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE). CCHE 57357 comprises the largest pediatric oncology center in the world, annually treating over 3000 newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Our residents participate in a well-rounded core curriculum with an excellent balance of ambulatory and inpatient experiences. They assume complete responsibility for the inpatient and outpatient care of their patients under the supervision of expert clinical pharmacists.

Residents receive training in dispensing pharmacy, IV admixture, clinical round, ICU, Ambulatory care, Multi-specialty clinics, Personalized Medication Management Unit, medication safety, leadership, education, infectious disease and supply chain.

>We are committed to ensuring our residents have strong mentoring. Through both clinical pharmacists and group mentoring, our residents receive guidance to reach their career goals.

Our graduates are well prepared to pursue careers as primary care practitioners and subspecialists. We are proud of what we offer at CCHE.

We wish you every success as your career unfolds.

The “International Pharmacy Practice Residency” program offered by CCHE 57357 is a one year professional training program planned and structured according to ASHP residency accreditation standards.

It is primarily designed to train and develop advanced skills in pharmacy practice and teaching while increasing the residents’ knowledgebase through direct exposure to clinical environment. The resident will receive extensive clinical experience in various practice settings and will be able to refine his/her skills and develop himself/herself as a drug therapy specialist through the provision of direct patient care services. The IPPR will also foster pharmacy practice research skills of residents longitudinally.

Accordingly, the IPPR will prepare its residents to have a leadership role in advancing pharmacy practice in their country.

The resident upon satisfactory completion of the program will receive a certificate of completion of IPPR issued by CCHE 57357.

The overall goals of the IPPR is to train a resident to be competent in the provision of pharmaceutical care and as an educator.

In the process of achieving these goals, we will pursue to accomplish the following:

  1. Develop the resident’s understanding and philosophy of pharmaceutical care so that with this conceptual base he/she will be able to contribute to the development of the profession.
  2. Develop the resident’s knowledge and appreciation of how other health care professionals approach patient care and their responsibilities so he/she work with them more effectively.
  3. To develop the resident’s communication skills so he/she may effectively manage patients by recognizing their needs and sensitivities.
  4. Develop the resident’s clinical expertise as a drug therapy specialist in his/her particular area of interest.
  5. Develop the resident’s teaching skills in both clinical and classroom settings for the education of pharmacy students and other health care professionals.
  6. Provide exposure to the resident with various types of pharmacy services and drug delivery systems.
  7. Provide the resident with opportunities to work on projects that could involve either program development or clinical research.

The pharmacy residency program offered CCHE 57357 is a one-year program which starts by15-day orientation followed by rotations in all different competency areas. It will include two types of competency areas; required and electives. Beside the competency areas rotations, the resident will participate in longitudinal experience such as leadership meetings and pharmacy therapeutic committees. The resident will also participate in journal clubs, present cases in front of his/her colleagues and preceptors, and by the end of the year he/she must submit a final research project.

IV admixtureICU
Dispensing pharmacyBMT
Inpatient (Solid & Hematology)ER
Outpatient (Daycare, MSC, & OPD)Extemporaneous preparation
Infectious diseasePMMU
Operation roomNutrition
Medication SafetyNuclear pharmacy
  • The applicant must be a highly motivated individual who desires to obtain advanced education and training leading to an enhanced level of professional practice.

  • Applicants should hold an active license to practice pharmacy in Egypt.
  1. Certificate of graduation.
  2. Updated CV.
  3. Personal statement.
  4. License.
  5. IELTS overall score 6 ( you have a chance till December to submit it) There will be a preparatory course if you need to take.
  6. Criminal record for Egyptians
  7. Copy of passport for non-Egyptians

Our program represents the first ASHP-accredited International Pharmacy Practice Residency in the world, providing a unique ASHP-level experience for pharmacy graduates who aren’t Pharm D holders.

Our preceptors are role models in their field. They Contribute to success the program and Participate actively in the continuous quality improvement of residency program.

They are well trained by Colorado University Skaggs school of pharmacy.

They have more than three years’ experience in clinical pharmacy.

First Cohort (2017-2018)

Residents’ Names:

  • Kareem Ehab
  • Mohamed Kamal El din Ahmed
  • Marwan Mohyeldin Moustafa
  • Rowan Mahmoud hosney
  • Philopateer Ayman solhy
  • Alaa Farid Shousha
  • Nancy Emad
  • Passant Hany Ahmed
  • Gehad Amgad Zaitoon
  • Safaa Fathi
  • Mahmoud AboEl Maaty


  1. Factors hindering the implementation of clinical pharmacy practice in Egyptian hospitals.
  2. The Impact of In-service Pharmacist-led Educational Sessions on Nurses’ Knowledge Regarding Oral chemotherapeutic agents in Pediatric Oncology at 57357 Children Cancer Hospital in Egypt (CCHE).
  3. Perception and Expectations of Pharmacy Community about the First ASHP-accredited International Pharmacy Practice Residency Program in Egypt.

Second cohort (2019-2020):

Residents’ Names:

  • Hanan Hamdi
  • Mohamed Tarek
  • May Mohamed
  • Monika Edward William
  • Nourhan Ibrahim
  • Omnia Abel Wahab
  • Salma Ahmed
  • Sahar Hassan
  • Rowan Gamal


  1. Assessment of Tramadol patients’ compliance in inpatient setting at Children’s Cancer Hospital-Egypt.
  2. Assessment of patients’ compliance regarding extemporaneous preparations in CCHE.
  3. Assessment of healthcare compliance regarding vancomycin TDM recommendation.
  4. Time to positivity of blood culture as a predictive factor for differentiating contamination from serious infection.
  5. Incidence of Ifosfamide induced hemorrhagic cystitis and its relation to gender and Age in Pediatric Cancer Patients in Children’s Cancer Hospital-Egypt.
  6. Assessment of Voriconazole associated toxicity in CCHE.
  7. Knowledge, awareness, attitude of healthcare team towards therapeutic drug monitoring service at CCHE.
  8. Evaluation of IV preparations common errors at CCHE.
  9. Incidence of adverse drug events in Emergency Room at CCHE.

Administration & Registration

Program Director:
Sally Fikry BSc pharm, MBA
[email protected]

Pharmacy Director:
Mohamed Nagy RPh, MSc., DHCM
[email protected]