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As Egypt embarks on a nationwide and interprofessional effort to enhance interprofessional practice, this workshop will provide participants with the background on what is interprofessional practice, why it is important, and how it is achieved. 

  • Introduce the World Health Organization call for Interprofessional Practice and Education.
  • Provide an overview of accreditation efforts to train new practitioners on these skills.
  • Review the competencies that are expected of interprofessional practitioners.
  • Describe the longitudinal training model for interprofessional practice.
  • Provide examples of entrustable professional activities for interprofessional practice.
  • Discover the interdependent roles and responsibilities of medical, nursing and pharmacy professions in providing clinical care.
Session Overview
14:00PM14:35PMDr. Azza Agha, Egyptian Chinese University.Exploring the value of interprofessional collaboration brings to your patients and your profession.
14:35PM15:00PMDr. Kari Franson, University of Southern California.Producing practitioners ready for interprofessional practice.
15:10PM15:40PMDr. Edith Mirzaian, University of Southern California.Workshop breakout groups discuss “Do you know what it takes?”
15:40PM15:50PMBreakout groups report out their findings.Breakout groups report out their findings.

Who It’s for

Pharmacists, nursing and doctors.

Course Fees and Registration

Interprofessional Education Workshop Online

200 EGP
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