Course description

Program duration is 48 hours delivered on weekends as follows: 4 hours per session, twice per week, over a total of 6 weeks duration.

Module 1: Physician Competency Framework, Diversity and Inclusion,
Code of Ethics for Medical Educator and Case Studies
Module 2: Adult Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy, Curriculum Development, Teaching Methods,
Teaching and Presentation Skills, Teaching OSCE, and Case Studies.
Module 3: Competency-based medical education,
Miller’s Pyramid of Assessment and Case Studies.
Module 4: Theories of Learning,
Learning Methods and Case Studies.
Module 5: Evaluation of Learning Outcomes,
Assessment for Learning and Case Studies.
Module 6: Digital Teaching (e-learning),
Gamification and Simulation, and Case Studies.

Course objectives

Module 1 introduces the learner to the physician competency framework, diversity and inclusion, code of ethics for the medical Educator, and the social theory of learning.
Module 2 explains to the learner the theories of teaching and the teaching methods (teacher-centered vs student-centered).
Module 3 focuses on the assessment methods of teaching.
Module 4 describes the different theories of learning and the learning methods (work-based vs knowledge-based).
Module 5 focuses on the assessment methods for learning and evaluation of learning outcomes.
Module 6 highlights the importance of e-leaning and focuses on fun and game-based learning

Target Audience

Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor of Medicine and/or healthcare professionals pursuing career in medical education.

Program Venue

In classroom at Egypt’s Children Cancer Hospital 57357.

Mode of Delivery

Classroom sessions and workshops.

Methods of Instruction

Didactic and practicum.

Meet your Instructors

Dr. Bassem Toeama, CCHE57357 Institutional Advancement Manager, MDPh.D , MSC.

University of Toronto alumnus, qualified instructor with academic mindset, doctoral degree, and teaching experience.
Ext: 3250
Email: [email protected]

Course Fees and Registration


3000 Egyptian Pounds