Program duration is 48 hours delivered on weekends as follows: 4 hours per session, twice per week, over a total of 6 weeks duration.

Module 1: Physician Competency Framework, Diversity and Inclusion,
Code of Ethics for Medical Educator and Case Studies
Module 2: Adult Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy, Curriculum Development, Teaching Methods,
Teaching and Presentation Skills, Teaching OSCE, and Case Studies.
Module 3: Competency-based medical education,
Miller’s Pyramid of Assessment and Case Studies.
Module 4: Theories of Learning,
Learning Methods and Case Studies.
Module 5: Evaluation of Learning Outcomes,
Assessment for Learning and Case Studies.
Module 6: Digital Teaching (e-learning),
Gamification and Simulation, and Case Studies.

Module 1 introduces the learner to the physician competency framework, diversity and inclusion, code of ethics for the medical Educator, and the social theory of learning.
Module 2 explains to the learner the theories of teaching and the teaching methods (teacher-centered vs student-centered).
Module 3 focuses on the assessment methods of teaching.
Module 4 describes the different theories of learning and the learning methods (work-based vs knowledge-based).
Module 5 focuses on the assessment methods for learning and evaluation of learning outcomes.
Module 6 highlights the importance of e-leaning and focuses on fun and game-based learning

Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor of Medicine and/or healthcare professionals pursuing career in medical education.

In classroom at Egypt’s Children Cancer Hospital 57357.

Classroom sessions and workshops.

Didactic and practicum.

Dr. Bassem Toeama, CCHE57357 Institutional Advancement Manager, MDPh.D , MSC.

University of Toronto alumnus, qualified instructor with academic mindset, doctoral degree, and teaching experience.
Ext: 3250
Email: [email protected]