This training aims to equip undergraduate nurses with the basic knowledge and skills, to assist them improving their nursing practical skills.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate the basic life support
• Identify the cancer modalities & cancer emergencies
• Know the Vital signs & injection techniques
• Measure blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, pulse and respiratory rate.
• Know how to calculate BMI
• Recognize the basics of first aid awareness
• Identify the infection control impact

DateTime (from-To)Topic
1st Day9-10 Am
10-12 pm
12-12:30 pm
12:30-1:30 pm
1:30-3 pm
3-4 pm
Hospital Tour & Pre test
Basic Infection Control
Patient Safety
Preventing Pressure Ulcer
2nd Day9-10 am
10-11 am
11-12 pm
12-12:30 pm
12:30-2 pm
2-3 pm
3-4 pm
Cancer overview
Cancer Modalities
Post-operative Care
Drug Administration & Chemotherapy
Prevention & Treatment of Hepatitis
Chest Tube
3rd Day9-4 pmFirst Aid Workshop
4th Day9-4 pmBasic Life Support Workshop
5th Day9-11 am
11-12 pm
12-12:30 pm
12:30-2 pm
2-4 pm
Patient Assessment
6th Day9-4 pmClinical Practice
7th Day9-4 pmClinical Practice
8th Day9-4 pmClinical Practice
9th Day9-4 pmClinical Practice
10th Day9-4 pmClinical Practice

Program Duration is 1 Week

Wave 121-07-202401-08-2024
Wave 218-08-202429-08-2024
Wave 315-09-202426-09-2024

Undergraduate and post graduate nurses.

In order to receive your certificate, you have to attend not less than 70%.

• Hard copy for 100 Egyptian Pounds
• Soft copy for free

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Course Fees and Registration

Nursing internship S 2024

1000 EGP
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