This internship is designed to give an introduction and overview on different quality functions and standards application in health care accredited organization.

By the end of this internship participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the concept of Healthcare quality
  2. Understand healthcare quality improvement methodology
  3. Understand and apply patient safety standards
  4. Recognize data management concepts
  5. Develop KPIs ID and conduct data collection and validation
  6. Develop policy and procedures
  7. Recognize medication safety standards
  8. Apply clinical and non-clinical auditing in different hospital departments to check the compliance with standards
Day oneIntroduction of Healthcare Quality
Quality improvement methodology
International patient safety goals
Safety culture
Day twoData management concepts and function
Develop KPIS ID and conduct data collection and validation
Auditing methodology
Day threeDevelop policy and procedure development.
Medication safety
Medication tracing (Practice)
Day fourClinical auditing in different hospital departments
Day fiveNon clinical auditing in LAB, radiology and Kitchen

Undergraduates or Fresh graduates from faculty of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, sciences, physiotherapy and Dentistry.

WavesAvailable dates
Wave 1From 07/07/2024 – 11/07/2024
Wave 2From 14/07/2024 – 18/07/2024
Wave 3From 21/07/2024 – 25/07/2024
Wave 4From 28/07/2024 – 01/08/2024
Wave 5From 04/08/2024 – 08/08/2024
Wave 6From 11/08/2024 – 15/08/2024
Wave 7From 18/08/2024 – 22/08/2024
Wave 8From 25/08/2024 – 29/08/2024
Wave 9From 01/09/2024 – 05/09/2024
Wave 10From 08/09/2024 – 12/09/2024
Wave 11From 15/09/2024 – 19/09/2024
Wave 12From 22/09/2024 – 26/09/2024
Wave 13From 29/09/2024 – 03/10/2024
Wave 14From 06/10/2024 – 10/10/2024

1 week (5 days from Sunday to Thursday).
5 hours/ day.


In order to receive your certificate, you have to attend not less than 70%.

• Hard copy for 100 Egyptian Pounds
• Soft copy for free

The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

Course Fees and Registration

Quality Internship Program S 2024

1500 EGP
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