• Basic Lab Skills including pipetting and handling of different samples types
  • Principles and Practice of Biobanking
  • Workflow with CCHE-Biobank
  • SOPs of the biobank
  • Ethics involved in Sample collection and sample release
  • Software requirements in a Biobank
  • Quality including DNA, RNA extraction and quantification
Day/ Time10:00 – 12:0012:00 – 02:0002:00 – 02:3002:30 – 04:00
Day 1Overview about biobankSopsBreakWork flow
Day 2Patient Recruitment at clinicsPatient Recruitment at clinicsBreakProcessing
Day 3Lab working ProceduresLab working ProceduresBreakPaper Review
Day 4DocumentationSoftware RequirementsBreakPaper Presentation
Day 5QualityQualityBreakQuality

Program Duration is 1 Weeks – Attending 5 Days Daily

Wave 126/12/202130/12/2021
Wave 22/1/20226/1/2022
Wave 39/1/202213/1/2022
Wave 416/1/202220/1/2022
Wave 523/1/202227/1/2022
Wave 66/2/202210/2/2022

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The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

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