• Microbiology:
    • How to conduct a blood culture.
    • How to use identification and sensitivity methods.
    • How to use manual identification and sensitivity methods.
    • How to analyze samples.
  • Cytogenetic:
    • The knowledge of cytogenetic.
    • How to apply process of sampling including karyotyping and FISH
  • Flow cytometry:
    • How to properly receive samples
    • How leukemia is diagnosed
    • How to prepare samples
    • The reagents and conditions use
    • See how to properly use the equipment
  • Hematology:
    • How to check that samples are valid from the point of withdrawal
    • Understand what CBC is
    • Understand what components of the blood pictures are
    • Understand what are the techniques conducted in CBC
    • Understand the coagulation profile
  • Chemistry:
    • Understand how to deal with samples
    • Understand how to use Cerner
    • Know how to use Arterial Blood Gases Equipment and Spectrophotometry
  • Virology:
    • Obtain awareness about serology and molecular efficiency including extraction methods, amplification methods and detection techniques.
    • Understand the virology unit in cancer patients.
  • Molecular:
    • Understand RNA extraction methods
    • Understand DNA extraction methods
    • Understand the PCR
    • Understand HLA (Tissue typing)
    • Understand gel-electrophoresis
Lecture/ RotationType
Practical – Didactic
Day 1Cytogenetics + Tissue typingSession
Day 2MolecularPractical
Day 3Tissue TypingPractical
Day 4FlowPractical
Day 5MicroPractical
Day 6VirologyPractical
Day 7ChemistryPractical
Day 8HematologyPractical
Day 9SamplingPractical
Day 10Bone Marrow AspirationPractical

Program Duration is 2 Weeks – Attending 10 Days Daily
Please choose one option from below:

Wave 126/12/20216/1/2022
Wave 29/1/202220/1/2022
Wave 323/1/20223/2/2022
Wave 46/2/202217/2/2022

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The fees of the course will be directed towards the treatment of our children.

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