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Pediatric Radiation Oncology - Track 3

Dear Future Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in our Pediatric Radiation Oncology Fellowship Training Program at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE) 57357, in collaboration with DFBC. Radiation Oncology is a rapidly evolving challenging specialty incorporating various procedures and options.

We believe that our program offers a world class training environment . Clinically, we have more than 3000 new oncology patients per year. In addition, the Department of Radiotherapy at CCHE 57357 is uniquely equipped to provide a successful training. The department and its affiliates currently house 2 linear accelerators Versa HD of Elekta, CT simulator, MRI simulator, 2 different types of major treatment planning systems (Xio and Monaco), as well as fully networked Mosaiq information management systems.

Exceptional national and international leaders in the field are committed to your success; offering you training in different aspects of Pediatric RO. You are uniquely offered Proton Therapy and Cyber Knife training at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) during the Fellow’s clinical rotation in Boston.

Our fellowship will help you develop your clinical and research skills, through a well-structured program, which represents one of a kind in the MENA region. Through the incorporation of transformative modules, the program prepares you to become a medical expert/clinical decision maker, communicator, collaborator, manager, health advocate, scientist, leader, ethicist, scholar and fundraiser.

This comprehensive program aims to develop future leaders through increasing responsibility within the program over time, encouraging fellows to present at national & international meetings and providing opportunities for public speaking and debate. We have developed this curriculum which following the American Academy of Radiation Oncology with utilization of numerous methods of educating individuals: reading texts and articles, watching instructional videos, live lectures, interactive multimedia presentations, practical component treatment of patients, giving presentations, and conducting patient rounds.

Director of Continuous Education & Outreach,
Manal Zamzam

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