Pediatric Infectious Diseases in Immunocompromised - Track 2

Dear Future colleague,

As you may know, effective medical management of immunocompromised hosts (ICH) is increasingly gaining attention and complexity as transplant medicine advances. Infections in ICH populations have notably affected their ultimate clinical outcomes and over time the development of infectious prophylaxis strategies, infectious disease surveillance, early diagnosis, and empiric or preemptive intervention have dramatically increased patient survival. Many infectious diseases (ID) specialists have begun to focus their career toward serving ICH populations through clinical care and research. Furthermore, specialized transplant infectious diseases (TID) fellowships have been established over the past decade, largely encouraged by the American Society of Transplantation (AST), to primarily train individuals to address ID needs for adult transplant recipients and other adult ICH population.

Children Cancer Hospital (57357) in affiliation with Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) is offering a one-year, structured training program in pediatric ICH ID for pediatric ID (PID)-trained individuals who are interested in concentrating their knowledge and expertise in this particular field of ID. Exceptional national and international leaders in the field are committed to your success; offering you training in different aspects of Pediatric ID. Our fellowship will help you develop your clinical and research skills, through a well-structured program, which represents one of a kind in the MENA region. Through the incorporation of transformative modules, the program prepares you to become a medical expert/clinical decision maker, communicator, collaborator, manager, health advocate, scientist, leader, ethicist, scholar and fundraiser.

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