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Pediatric Oncology Fellowship - Track 1

Dear Future Colleague,

Our program represents the first structured pediatric oncology fellowship program in the MENA region. Since its start in 2014, the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 in collaboration with Dana-Farber / Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center has been one of the most recognized training leaders in the CCHE, founded in 2007, comprises the largest pediatric oncology center in the world, annually treating over 3000 newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Dana-Farber cancer institute, founded in 1947, is a principal teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. It’s internationally renowned for blending of research, and clinical excellence; with over 4,500 staff members supporting more than 450,000 patient visits a year.

Our program admits six new fellows per year. Fellows spend two years in full-time clinical work and 6 months or more years in research training, depending on previous training and interests. Our program offers unparalleled opportunities for research and scholarship, fostering the academic passions of all fellows. Through scholarly productivity and excellent mentoring, our graduates are poised to become leaders in the field within their chosen areas of focus.

The objective of the training program is to provide the highest quality clinical and research training in hematology / oncology, so that our fellows become excellent clinicians and independent investigators making substantive contributions to biomedical research.

Director of the Continuous Education,
Manal Zamzam

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