Short Term Training and Observation

We welcome national & international students and professionals from to participate in clinical and non-clinical observership.

CCHE 57357 comprises the largest pediatric oncology center in the world, annually treating over 3000 newly diagnosed cancer patients. CCHE 57357, as an NGO, represents an unpreceded model in quality healthcare in the MENA region. CCH 57357 has a world-class clinical pharmacy department, automated clinical pathology lab, infectious control department, clinical nutrition department, basic research labs and clinical research department, with patients and families at the heart of the model. CCH 57357 strategy focuses on three main pillars; quality healthcare, novel research and smart education.

At CCHE 57357, we are committed to creating the next generation of healthcare leaders. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our institution, providing you with hands-on training at our hospital departments, exchanging knowledge and developing new partners.

In addition to our established training and residency programs, Observation can be tailored according to your specific needs.

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