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His holiness Pope Tawadros II on visit to 57357

    “In this place .. Egypt is beautiful” We support this great Hospital that serves the nation’s offspring and transforms dreams into reality His Holiness Pope Tawadros the Second, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, expressed his satisfaction with the spirit of achievement and teamwork he touched in the Hospital “I … Continued

“In this place .. Egypt is beautiful”

We support this great Hospital that serves the nation’s offspring and transforms dreams into reality

His Holiness Pope Tawadros the Second, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, expressed his satisfaction with the spirit of achievement and teamwork he touched in the Hospital “I didn’t realize that this place is being operated with such love, cooperation and dedication”, “our forefathers granted us the pyramids and the Suez canal; lately we enlarged the canal to double its size and established the 57357 Institution which became a landmark of Modern Egypt, thanks to donors and staff”. These were Pope Tawadros’s words during his visit to the hospital. Accompanied by a number of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s leaders and his secretaries, Pope Tawadros II was welcomed by Dr. Amro Salama the chairman of the board of trustees, Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, the CEO of 57357 Group and the General Manager of Hospital 57357, the board of trustees members and the 57357 Group leaders. 57357’s children and their families welcomed the Pope with flowers and music at the hospital’s entrance.

Pope Tawadros II expressed his admiration for the Hospital whose establishment could be summarized in four words, shares the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church: “Hopes, Funds, Heroes, and Children.” “Hopes and dreams were turned into reality with determination and dedication. The Funds or donations from Egyptians from all walks of life, which are God’s grant, were handled wisely by the Hospital’s management and staff, who directed  them in an optimum manner to serve the sick children, who are the nation’s offspring” he added.

On behalf of the churches’ children and servants, the Pope offered a generous donation to the hospital along with a creative and thoughtful artwork pamphlet crafted by the churches’ children depicting Egypt’s map and its 27 governorates stemming from the Hospital’s Logo 57357. The idea behind the pamphlet comes from the realization by the churches youth that the summing up of the number 57357 results in 27 which is the number of governorates Egypt is formed thereof. The pamphlet included besides the map, 27 small fliers for each and every governorate listing its main features and landmarks. Besides its cultural informative dimension, the pamphlet which was printed in large numbers to be offered to a maximum number of the Hospital patients, is a symbol of how 57357 is representative of all what is beautiful in Egypt. Among the Pope’s gifts was a Coptic icon representing the holy family. The hospital was keen to celebrate with his Holiness the anniversary of his monastic consecration with the participation of the Mari Guirguis Al Khosous church’s chorale and the patients of 57357’s singing group

A Patriotic Egyptian

For his welcoming speech, Dr. Salama warmly greeted his holiness: On behalf of staff and management of Hospital 57357, we want to tell you how much we cherish this visit from a most beloved patriotic Egyptian. The Coptic Church is one of the most faithful supporters and a loyal partners of the hospital since its inception. The Pope was keen to support 57357 ever since he took over the church leadership, and his visit today attests to this continuous support and is positively impacting all the Hospital’s healthcare professionals, he added.

Seeking God’s contentment and impartiality in our dealings

Addressing the audience, Dr. Abu Alnaga expressed his pleasure and appreciation for Pope Tawadros’s visit, saying: At 57357, we are experiencing a continuous battle for improvement and change. At the hospital, all patients are equally treated without discrimination, we do not accept favoritism, and we cannot determine the disease stage of each case before tests are carried out after the patients are actually admitted. Furthermore, we are committed to following up on our patients after healing, and to treat them in case of recurrence, noting that for 20% of the cases, recurrence of the disease actually takes place and we are committed to treating them despite their multiplied treatment costs, affirmed Dr. Abou Alnaga.

Eagerness to participate

We welcome his holiness Pope Tawadros II and appreciate his eagerness to participate in our survival battle that is facing many challenges, said Tarek Thabet, the Hospital Treasurer. He added: 57357 is a miracle that reflects how great our nation’s people are, all sectors of the society shared in building this great Hospital, and now the launch of the expansion phase points to the determination of Egyptians to achieve the dream of a “childhood without cancer” and science and education are the shortest way to accomplish it.

Enemies of Success

General Bishop Armia mentioned the harassment campaigns the hospital is presently facing in social media channels: I am thankful and pleased to watch 57357 being patient towards the enemies of success who are attacking the Hospital. We affirm our complete support to this great Hospital along with Pope Tawadros who is continuously engaged in exploring potential channels of promoting the Hospital.

Inside and outside Egypt

Father Bolous Sorour reveals: I thank God for giving me the chance to serve this place since the year 2000, as appointed by the late Pope Shenouda and subsequently by Pope Tawadros II who requires from me to support the hospital inside and outside Egypt, firmly believing that 57357 is a story of faith of purposeful people who are determined to reach their goals. It is the story of every patient that is hoping to be cured, a story of charitable love from the bottom of the heart of Egyptians from all walks starting with the president to the school children who have in one day collected 22 million pounds to support this great endeavor at its beginnings.

Not just a slogan

“We are welcoming you in your home, and we affirm that “the crescent and the cross” in 57357 is not just a slogan but a powerful reality that we experience every day” said Sheikh Mahmoud of Al Rawas mosque

Joined as one

God blessed this place because since day one we joined forces and started it together. Hand in hand, we keep developing and improving it for the benefit of our nation and our children, said Dr. Hanaa Farid, the Foundation’s fundraising strategic manager.

“Pope Tawadros is keen to support the Hospital inside and outside Egypt. He visited us in Los Angeles two years ago and people were racing to meet him and to support 57357 at the same time” revealed Dr Hesham El Seify, Board President of Egyptian Cancer Network, U.S.

“I am proud of my contribution to this great Hospital no matter how small it is, my kids are volunteering here because this place deserves to be supported by everyone” said Dr. Hosam Raafat, the Head of Alsayeda Zeinab district.