In the ICU : every second = a breath of hope

Every second makes a difference . Every breath matters. Every heartbeat counts. When someone is seriously ill, the ICU delivers the lifesaving care they need . but its expensive. Without your support, this care is not possible. Presently, we are experiencing a shortage in ICU space and beds as we...

2023 Average number of patients and their cost

Donated from the total cost/month April
  • 835 2023 Total no. patients
  • $624 Patient Cost/Day
  • 85-95 Avg. no. of patients /mth
  • $117,677 Total Patients' Cost/mth

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Intensive care expansion

We started with

20 Rooms

With Your Support we can add

29 Rooms

Success Stories

Othman’s mother: Othman is 8 years old. He was attacked by cancer disease when he was one-year-old. He relapsed three times. My son lived at the Hospital more than he lived at home. He was admitted to the Intensive care...