Mariam: ”I wish all my friends at Hospital 57357 a blessed and Joyful Eid”

    I bought a pink home outfit instead of a dress for the Eid because of Corona confinement

“I bought a pink home outfit instead of a dress for the Eid because of Corona confinement”

Mariam is a 17 year old girl who loves painting, nature, chocolate, and the color  pink. Four years ago, in 2016, she was admitted in Hospital 57357 after being in and out of different specialists’ offices who advised her to seek the leading expertise of 57357. She was diagnosed with brain stem cancer which made her lose control of her movements and caused her eyes to squint.

“Back then, I was so scared”, recalls her mother, who shared with us their experience with the dreadful disease: All doctors we saw before going to 57357 had confirmed the severity of the case and their doubt that she would overcome it. But when we spoke with Dr. Beltagui, 57357’s head neurosurgeon, he reassured us that they were doing the best for Mariam and using the latest techniques that have proven to greatly improve the outcomes of similar cases.

Mariam underwent surgery and came out of it alive. I was able to hug her and hold her in my arms again. The tumor was finally removed not without affecting the mobility of her left part of the body.

The whole team of 57357’s healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, psychologists and art therapy team joined efforts to draw Mariam out of her fears and doubts and give her back her smile and love of life.

“I love going to the Hospital’s art workshop”, shares Mariam,” they encouraged me to take up painting and handcrafts. I even participated with one painting in an exhibition and it was sold. I felt so happy sharing with the proceeds for the benefit of the Hospital. The entire workshop team makes you feel you are the most important person there” added Mariam.

Mariam who has completed chemo and radiotherapy treatment is now in the follow up phase.