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Nabil’s father: I used to donate to Hospital 57357, and ultimately it was returned back to me to contribute to my son’s treatment

    Nabil is my youngest child, and the most precious thing in our lives. He is 3 years old, and he spent a whole year taking cancer treatment.

“We reap what we sow, our generosity now is rewarded in the future. I have always liked this place and used to visit it with my three children, offering donations no matter how modest they were. I used to encourage my children to donate from their allowances, never imagining that my youngest Nabil would become one of the Hospital’s patients one day”, shares Mohamed, Nabil’s father. He goes on: Nabil is my youngest child, and the most precious thing in our lives. He is 3 years old, and he spent a whole year taking cancer treatment. Although he is now much better but his treatment journey is not completed. The start was in August 2020 when we discovered a small tumor in his lower back. We thought it’s a bruise and will disappear. Doctors prescribed ointments, but he didn’t get better. The tumor grew quickly and he started to feel pain and cry while we noticed that he walked with difficulty.

One of the doctors requested an MRI, then he advised me to take him immediately to 57357. I cannot forget that day, I couldn’t sleep and once the sun rose I took him to 57357. He was admitted to the Hospital in his turn and in less than 48 hours he was in the operations room undergoing surgery to remove the tumor. Right after the surgery he started chemotherapy. Everything was done in time. One of my friends offered to talk to his relative who is a parliament member so as to receive the best of care, but I refused as I didn’t need it. My son is receiving the best treatment and care for free, the facility is spotless and equipped with latest machines and devices, everyone cares about my son, and food is provided to my son and his mother who stays with him since his admission.

Smiling, the father pursues the story: I learned a lot in this place. They provide awareness lectures which resulted in making us change our nutrition system at home. My wife started to prepare healthy fresh food, and we stopped fast food. Moreover we shared what we learned at the Hospital with our children.

This place saved my son’s life, and every day it saves the lives of hundreds of children. It deserves our support. When there were attempts to tarnish its reputation, I advised people not to believe the rumors, since I have seen for myself how they spend all of the donations on properly taking care and treating the children. All that I wish and pray for is the healing of my son and all the children, and may God enable me to pay back to this wonderful place.