Nadia, the 6 year old 57357 cancer patient who is fighting bravely while waiting for bone marrow transplantation

    Nadia is a lovely 6 year old girl from Zakazik with wide beautiful eyes and a smiley face.

Nadia is a lovely 6 year old girl from Zakazik with wide beautiful eyes and a smiley face. She is the middle child among 3 siblings. In December of 2019, Nadia fell sick with severe fever and weakness that made her unable to move. Her father took her to a doctor but trials to lower her fever failed. After running blood tests and x-rays the doctor advised them to take her to 57357.

It was mid-December when came Nadia’s turn to be admitted to 57357, recalls the father. When we met with her physician, Dr. Ahmed Elhuseiny, he repeated all tests and discovered a tumor on the gland located above the liver. At first, her mother and I were terribly shaken , but soon onwards, our hopes that she would survive grew stronger thanks to the quality and compassionate care she was receiving at the hands of 57357’s professionals.

Nadia received 6 intensive chemotherapy doses and started getting better, her temperature dropped to normal and she could sleep better. Hence. She had a surgery to remove the tumor after which she was given another 6 chemotherapy doses. After the third dose, results of her periodical tests revealed that she was in need of a bone marrow transplantation. This was a set back and a big bump on the road of her treatment journey.

It is tough to feel that you are helpless towards the closest person to your heart, your daughter, said Nadia’s father. But once again Hospital 57357’s professionals were there to renew our hope. Because of their diligence and commitment, we have faith that she will overcome this ordeal successfully, and she will be back to play and have fun with her brothers.

Nadia is one of many leukemia patients in 57357, who need your support more than ever as their battle against cancer is particularly lengthy and stressful.

57357 was a blessing for us as we are unable to afford even one of her chemotherapy doses.

Nadia shared with us that she loves Ramadan because her father always brings her a lantern and she delights in taking the delicious sohour meal prepared by her mother with her parents and brothers. We asked Nadia about her wishes for the first sohour in Ramadan, she said: I’ll pray for my friends’ recovery and mine. About her dreams for the future, Nadia wants to become a doctor like Dr. Elhuseiny.

Nadia is pursuing her fight against cancer and will have the bone marrow transplantation.

Our fighter needs your support to achieve her dreams of cure.