Nayera is a 57357, Tanta branch heroine who is fighting bone cancer

    Her gift for her grandmother on mother’s day is a scarf, and the rest of her savings is for her mother.

Her gift for her grandmother on mother’s day is a scarf, and the rest of her savings is for her mother.

Behind each of 57357’s heroes there is a challenging story of his fight against cancer and a persevering mother who sticks to his side through all circumstances.

Little pretty Nayera is our heroine and great fighter, though she is only 9. She is coming from Alsharkeya, where she lives with her mother and grandmother. In July 2019 she was admitted to 57357 with pain in her shoulders’ joints which disabled the movement of her arms. After x-rays and tests she was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Nayera’s mother: the pain prevented my daughter from moving. When she was admitted to 57357 we met with Dr. Ahmed Alghoneimi who decided to start treatment immediately. When we went to Tanta branch we met with Dr. Usama Zakzouk who said that Nayera would need amputation if she didn’t respond to treatment. My daughter went through chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. Since the beginning of the treatment her pain started to decrease, and she could move her arms. I was so happy when the treating doctor told me that the tests revealed that the tumor stopped growing which enabled her to move, meanwhile there was spread for the tumor in the lung. She went through a surgery to remove a lobe of the lung after which she got better. Lately, she went through evaluation to ensure that the other lung lobe is in good shape.

What happened to Nayera is a miracle, thanks be to God. Her father and I separated when she got sick, but I had faith that she would survive. Hospital 57357 was a lifeline for both of us, it provides the best treatment and care, all for free. For me, the Hospital was the ship that saved a drowning separated mum. I wonder how I would have afforded her treatment without 57357, may God bless you all. I want everyone to know and to recognize that the Hospital is providing, not just for our children, but for families too. Compassionate and psychological care, efficient management system and cleanliness are also part of what it provides. Now I can be reassured while seeing my daughter getting better.

About her plans for mother’s day gift, Nayera confides in us: I saved my allowance and intend to buy a scarf for my grandmother, and will give the rest of the savings to my mother so she can buy whatever she likes.

About 57357, Nayera says; I love everyone here, they make me laugh and give me gifts. I wish to become a doctor and work for 57357.

We wish recovery for Nayera and all of 57357’s heroes.

Your donation does not just save Nayera and other children, it restore hope for many mothers who are wishing for recovery for their children.