Our heroes who obtained their high school certificate with distinction: In 57357 we learn to hold on to our dreams

    Behind each of our patients is a heroic story of struggle and endurance with as background the support of family and friends and a greater support by 57357 who offered them high quality medical and psychological care.

“In 57357 we learned to adapt to our new life conditions, with the cannula in one hand and the book, paint brush and colors in the other. With the help of our families and the support and encouragement of 57357, we could forget about our sickness, pursue our studies and hobbies, think about our future and hold on to our dreams”. These were our patients’ words upon obtaining their high school certificate with distinction while fighting a fierce battle against cancer.

Behind each of our patients is a heroic story of struggle and endurance with as background the support of family and friends and a greater support by 57357 who offered them high quality medical and psychological care.

Rahma; an example of bravery and defiance

Rahma Yasser: a pretty face and a calm smile that are masking a strong personality and a determination to succeed despite all circumstances. Rahma suffered since her birth from oxygen deficiency which was the reason she lost 65% of her hearing capacity. Her mother refused to give up, she insisted to support her daughter with conversation lessons. When Rahma turned seven and because she was exceptionally intelligent, she was accepted in an ordinary school where she studied normally and outperformed her healthy colleagues. During the same year, Rahma faced a new challenge as she started complaining from abdominal pain and bleeding in the urine. Doctors discovered a tumor in her bladder and in 57357 professionals prescribed 40 chemotherapy doses and 30 radiotherapy sessions to freeze the tumor.

For the first time, Rahma started to lose her smile, tending to isolate and being depressed, refusing to use her hearing aids so she wouldn’t have to talk with anybody. At the Hospital, alert care providers gave her full psychological support. Social workers, psychiatrists and the psychological support team in the art therapy workshop acted in unison to lift her up . In the art therapy workshop, Rahma found her happiness when she started using the paint brush and colors. The workshop volunteers discovered Rahma’s talent since day one. They supported and encouraged her while she became one of the workshop’s famous painters. That is how she could overcome the long treatment period with all of its pains.

Rahma is now in the follow up phase after she completed the treatment period. Her relation with the art workshop did not come to an end as she still participates in exhibitions inside and outside the Hospital. Rahma reached the last year of high school while dreaming of joining the faculty of fine art. She obtained the high school certificate with a success rate of 92%. The art workshop helped her go through the aptitude test successfully and to realize her dream of joining the faculty of fine art, to start a new challenge and a new dream.

Zahra: I succeeded because of the encouragement of my 57357 family.

57357 changed my personality and my life, there I learned to face my fears and stick to my dreams regardless of the circumstances.

My story started 4 years ago when I was 14. I started to complain from headaches and difficulty to concentrate. Doctors could not diagnose me until one day I saw a black mass moving in front of my eyes. Its appearance was repeated several times until doctors requested further investigations. Afterwards I felt that my family are hiding something as my mother kept crying and my father was sad while our relatives used to visit and talk with my parents in a closed room. I sensed something dangerous which was confirmed when my parents took me to 57357. They said they took me there because they have better doctors and equipment. I realized then that I had cancer. The first thing that came to my mind is that I would lose my hair which I like a lot. Since my first day in 57357 I felt that I was logging in a new life where everything was different: quietness, cleanliness, kindness and compassion of all staff and professionals. I was happy to know that they had an art workshop

Few days after admission to the Hospital I knew that I had a tumor in the sinuses and face muscles and that I needed to go through surgery to remove it. When I opened my eyes after the surgery I smiled and thanked God because I was still alive. Ever since that day I changed, I felt stronger and accepted my hair loss after the first chemotherapy dose. I refused to use a wig and faced all people without hair. I used to stand in front of the mirror and say to myself “you are beautiful with or without hair”.

The chemotherapy phase was long and harsh, but I was able to go through it with the support of 57357’s care providers. I still go to the Hospital for follow up, but the disease did not deter me from completing my studies. When I was in the Hospital, I used to study late at night while nurses were still awake and they watched over me. During sickness time, I used to take exams in the Hospital. With the encouragement of my family at home and my 57357 family, I obtained the high school certificate with distinction and am currently applying for the faculty of media. I want to become a radio broadcaster, but will not neglect the new drawing hobby I developed in 57357.

Besides Rahma and Zahra, there is a good number of 57357 patients who have successfully obtained their end of schooling certificate, such as Mohamed Khalaf, Marwan Hesham, Asmaa Wahab allah, Ahmed Saleh, and many others on our list who gave us and their families reason to rejoice and be thankful.