CCHE 57357 embraces a culture of evidence-based medicine, which entails the support of patient-driven scientific research. Being the largest pediatric oncology hospital in the world, research efforts at CCHE 57357 are uniquely supported by a diverse and complementary infrastructure of clinical and scientific resources. These resources are collectively used to address the multifaceted challenges of pediatric cancer and to improve clinical outcomes​.

The Research Department

Basic research unit encompasses several different programs that work either independently or via interdisciplinary projects to enable investigation of a maximal amount of cancer related problems, and its basic biology.

The clinical research unit acts as a cross-functional monitor and liaison for processes optimization with respect to clinical data and treatment protocols.

The biobank is responsible for the collection and archival of quality human biological specimens (e.g. tissues, blood, body fluids and their derivatives) and their associated annotated data for future research purposes.

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