Epidemiology & Biostatistics

    The unit offers a biostatistical research support for researchers at CCHE. We provide comprehensive, services from conception to design of study, analysing data and / or interpreting results, drafting and / or revising reports and scientific publications. The statistical consulting focuses mainly on helping researchers to plan and do their own research.

    We aim to:

    • Improve the quality, efficiency and impact of research through the provision of biostatistical advice, consultancy and collaboration at all stages of the research process. We assist with concept development, study design, protocol development, planning, data collection, analysis and reporting.
    • We co-supervise trainees (residents and fellows) at CCHE.

    The biostatisticians at the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit at CCHE can provide assistance with the following:

    • Study design – we assist with the setting up of a research project by collaborating on the formulation of aims and testable hypotheses, selection of endpoints, power and sample size calculations and if required, a formal statistical analysis plan (SAP). We ensure that the study design has alignment of the objectives, endpoints and statistical methods.
    • Statistical data analysis – we can advise on, or take full responsibility for the analysis activity.
    • Presentation of results and manuscript preparation – we can assist with the preparation of results for presentation to the research community. This presentation could be a conference or a manuscript, through:
      • assisting with the write-up of statistical methods and results.
      • reviewing a draft manuscript before submission.
      • responding to comments from reviewers of the manuscript.
    • Biostatistical appraisal of protocols and manuscripts authored by others.

    The Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit at CCHE brings together teaching and research. The unit offers introductory biostatistics courses to residency and fellowship trainees at CCHE.

    The Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit at CCHE is for overseeing an institutional cancer registry where we maintain data on all patients diagnosed and/or treated at CCHE. The focus of this hospital-based cancer registry is improving patient care at the hospital. This registry is used for both administrative processes and clinical research.

    The biostatistics unit at CCHE also undertake analyses for administrative purposes. We develop reports on hospital operation for quality improvement and capacity planning purposes including building simulation models/ decision analytic modeling for patient planning.

    The unit investigates the potential role of specific exposures related to parental habits and other environmental factors and the risk of childhood cancer.