Shahd: thanks be to God, I defeated cancer, my gift to my mother is to realize my dream and become a nurse in 57357

    Shahd, a 57357’s survivor is 13 years old. She pledged her dream to become a nurse in 57357 to her mother who supported her throughout her healing journey.

If you wish to see miracles getting realized you should listen to the stories of our children’s mothers. Behind every child who is struggling to recover from cancer, there is a great mother who dedicates her life to help him defeat cancer.

Shahd, a 57357’s survivor is 13 years old. She pledged her dream to become a nurse in 57357 to her mother who supported her throughout her healing journey.

Chatting with Shahd’s mother she told us: Shahd got cancer when she was 3 years. In the beginning she got fever which didn’t respond to medications, and she was unable to walk. The doctor requested some tests which revealed that she has cancer. He advised us to go to 57357. It was the worst shock I’ve been through. I didn’t believe that this disease is curable. I took her to 57357 in the beginning of 2008 where we met Dr. Iman Sidhom. When she saw my fear she reassured me saying that Medicine carries a treatment for my daughter. She used to comfort me, and support me throughout Shahd’s healing journey. When I met other patients’ families they told me about their positive experiences in 57357 and how their children had already overcome the dreadful disease. We started the chemotherapy, her immunity used to collapse every once in a while, and they used to admit her to the Hospital when this would happen. The care we used to receive in 57357 was outstanding and the care and attention they surrounded us with reassured me. When she started to become better I realized how this Hospital is a great blessing for us and our children. When Dr. Sidhom told me that Shahd had recovered and that we would start the follow up stage, I could finally feel relaxed.

Shahd: I love Hospital 57357 and wish to become a member of its nursing team, I encourage all my friends to donate to it

Throughout my treatment journey, each person I met at the Hospital became a friend who gave me great love and support, specially nurses and volunteers. I wait for the day I come to 57357 to see my friends and play with them. I can never forget Ms. Sahar whom I love like my mother and Mr. Ahmed Abdel Moneim who is a close friend. In 57357 I feel like home, even after recovery they invited me to join the Hospital’s choir as they liked my voice. I love Dr. Sidhom a lot, she is always smiling to me and is always comforting  me. She tells me that I  have recovered and in good health condition but that I have to come periodically for follow up. Since I love the Hospital a lot, I told my friends at school to come to visit and make a donation.

I love my mother and I am preparing two gifts for her on mothers’ day

My mother was a strong and wonderful support to me, she watched my health condition closely and used to take me to 57357 whenever I had complications. She works all day long to make my brothers, sisters and myself happy. She cooks delicious food for us and take me to 57357 for the choir training. She cannot sleep before making sure that I am fine, may God bless her. I saved my allowance to buy her a nice gift on mothers’ day and my big gift to her is to study well, join nursing faculty and become a nurse in 57357 to help little children and alleviate their pains, and make my mother proud.

Our best wishes to Shahd on the occasion of her recovery and to all the mothers of our heroes! Happy mothers’ day!