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Tanta Branch


  • To make it easier for our children and their families in case they needed to be transferred between the two branches the Hospital offers vehicles to provide this service for free.
  • The Hospital also offers highly equipped ambulance cars through a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian ambulance authority in addition to the Hospital’s ambulance cars.
  • As in the main Hospital, a vitamin D clinic was opened, for 57357 is committed to prevention and fighting poverty, ignorance and sickness.
  • Hospital 57357 Tanta provides professional training for students and graduates of scientific faculties.
  • Hospital 57357 Tanta plays an important role in cooperation with civil society organizations to increase the society awareness about cancer, its complications and prevention methods through an integrated team of medical services providers.
  • The equipped guesthouse is one of the main services that the Hospital provides to patients and families for free including accommodation and meals, to make it easier for patients coming from other governorates.
  • The multi specialties patient and family educational program is one of the most important services provided to patients’ families in Tanta branch where awareness is provided through six different specialties (social services, patients’ relations, clinical nutrition, clinical pharmacy, nursing, education and awareness) to raise the family awareness about the condition of the sick child , to provide required psychological support, and help them overcome the fear associated with the initial diagnosis which enhances their commitment to the requirements of the treatment phase.

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