Thanks to your support, George defeated cancer after a challenging treatment journey in 57357

    George’s father: the Hospital saved my son’s life and we have to support it as it saves our children

George’s father: the Hospital saved my son’s life and we have to support it as it saves our children

Our heroe George Gamal, is one of many combative children receiving treatment in 57357. He is nine and half years old and in is in grade four. He was admitted to the Hospital when he was seven years, suffering from a tumor in the belly’s nerve cells. He has been through a long harsh treatment journey during which he had chemo therapy followed by a surgery to remove the tumor, followed by an autologous  bone marrow transplantation process which was followed by 28 days of isolation for George and his father. George’s treatment journey extended for two and half years through which he fought cancer with a lot of courage and patience. In November 2019, the treating doctor told him that his tests were good, the treatment period had ended, that he was healed and that he would start the follow up stage.

George’s father: when my son got sick, I took him to a doctor, after conducting some tests he advised us to go to 57357 immediately as it is one of the best children’s cancer hospitals worldwide. I was worried as I had heard many rumors about the Hospital that made me doubt they would admit us. We went to the Hospital and gave them all required documents and they called me the next day and asked me to bring my son to the Hospital. There, I met the doctor who told me that we had come in the right time. he discussed with me my son’s condition frankly and reassured me. He told me that the treatment journey would be hard, but that he had good chances of survival, God willing, so we have to be patient. After conducting x-rays and tests we started the treatment journey.

57357’s medical team treated us with love and compassion that eased the harsh days memory

Together with my son, we have been through a tough experience that ended with success thanks to 57357. I wish to thank each and every one in the Hospital for how they took good care of us physically and mentally. Healthcare professionals in 57357 treated us with love and compassion, especially during George’s surgery when I was so scared  about the possibility of the removal of his kidney with the tumor. Before the surgery the doctor reassured me saying that we will do his best for George. After the surgery I was so happy when the doctor told me that the tumor was removed without the need to remove the kidney, and George’s condition being good. What I experienced in 57357 of quality care, accurate and effective treatment procedures and moral support for the child and his family, I haven’t seen elsewhere. May God protect all those angels who took care of my son.

I donated blood because we have to support 57357 in times of crisis

While the country is going through hard times because of corona virus, I heard that the Hospital was suffering  from shortage in blood. So I hurried to 57357 along with a friend to donate blood and money as well. I am inviting everyone to come and visit the Hospital that provides free world quality care to children with equity and mercy.

George loves the clown, Karawan, likes to draw in the art therapy workshop, and wishes to become a pilot

Geroge shared with us his thoughts and dreams: I like  57357 a lot because I have many friends there, specially the clown Karawan, Ms. Samar and Ms. Amany who join me in drawing and coloring in the art workshop and also in my room at the times I was unable to go to the workshop. I also love Mr. Mohamed Allam from the bone marrow nursing team, who used to be so kind and compassionate. I am praying to God to bring healing to all of my sick friends. About his dreams, George said that he was still not sure whether he wanted to become a pilot or an engineer, but that he had a preference for becoming a pilot.

With your support George and many kids like him could defeat cancer and achieve their dreams of being cured. Your donation will contribute to supporting 57357’s children’s treatment journey.