With the slogan “together towards safe medication”, Hospital 57357 celebrates World Patient Safety Day

    At the end of the celebration, acknowledgment certificates were given to the departments of quality control, infection control, labs, nursing, HR, research, medical engineering, and pharmacy.

For the third year, the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 celebrated World Patient Safety Day, in attendance of Dr. Ashraf Ismaeil, director of the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Regulation, Dr. Gasser Gaber, representative of the World Health Organization in Cairo, and heads of the departments of quality control, clinical pharmacy, research, engineering administration, medical engineering, labs, nursing, HR, contagious diseases and a group of doctors and healthcare specialists of Hospital 57357.

It is noteworthy that starting from September 11th all thru 4 days, the Hospital celebrated World Patient Safety Day by promoting awareness about the importance of patient safety and safe medication throughout all sections of the Hospital. Today, Sep 15th,2022, the celebration featured lectures on health quality control and the importance of medication safety given by quality control experts from Egypt and around the world.

In her speech, Dr. Shaymaa Almeniawi, head of 57357’s quality control department stressed the importance of medication safety as very sick children are concerned. Hence, the Hospital is applying the most strict safety procedures with the support of the prevailing Cerner’s information technology system prevailing which reinforces quality control within the premises.

In her presentation, Dr. Samia Galal, 57357’s environment consultant outlined how the Hospital’s internal environment including cleanliness, safe waste disposal, and maintaining the cooling system guarantees effective infection control, which the Hospital is constantly pursuing.

Dr. Lobna Shalabi, head of the infectious diseases department, talked about the wrong usage of antibiotics, which leads to weakening the patient’s immunity and exposing him to infection.

Dr. Sherif Kamal, head of the clinical pharmacy, talked about medications’ problems and mistakes that may happen, which may lead to patient death, as well as control methods applied to prevent mistakes.

From the WHO, Dr. Gasser Gaber, health system coordinator in Egypt, affirmed that WHO’s scope of work extends to many areas of the healthcare field, especially those concerned with quality care, and the institutional and clinical aspects of health systems.

Dr. Ashraf Ismaiel, director of the General Authority for Health Accreditation and Regulation, GAHAR, gave a lecture about patient safety outlining its major axes such as a safe healthy environment, the health facility design, medication safety, and infection control.

World Patient Safety Day is one of the days organized by the WHO to be held on Sep, 17 of every year. This year, the WHO organized a chain of online seminars regarding medication safety and prepared a number of solutions and technical products regarding medication safety.