World renowned economist Dr. Mohamed El-Erian at the annual fundraising event of Egyptian Cancer Network, ECN – USA:

    World renowned economist, Dr. Mohamed Al-Erian congratulated those who participated in ECN’s event for the month of Ramadan.

57357 is an inspiring model for all of us

The Hospital exerts great efforts to protect its children amid the Corona crisis.

World renowned economist, Dr. Mohamed Al-Erian congratulated those who participated in ECN’s event for the month of Ramadan, and praised the courage of 57357’s children in the face of their illness, declaring that they are an inspiration for everyone

57357’s children are not just patients who are courageously fighting their illness, but they are also artists and athletes, they simply represent the future, added Dr. El-Erian.

Regarding Hospital 57357, it offers the best quality care for free, and this would not be realized without the support of its donors.

These messages were shared by Dr .El-Erian during ECN’s annual event which was attended by Ambassador Nabila Makram, minister of immigration, and Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, former minister of high education, Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, Hospital 57357 general manager and Dr. Hesham Alseify, chairman of ECN-USA. actors Hussein Fahmy and actress Elham Shaheen, and a group of Egyptian scientists abroad.

“We all know how hard this period is because of  the Corona virus pandemic, and its devastating effect on the whole world, we can imagine the challenges that Hospital 57357 is facing. We can also sense the great efforts exerted by all of 57357’s employees to pursue their mission of treating children with cancer, as donations were tragically declining and threatening their ability to ensure the provision of medications, supplies, and equipment.

Despite all of that, 57357 administration’s priority was to protect the health of the children and staff. Hence, the Hospital took the initiative of setting up a specialized Covid-19 treatment unit, which became one of the most important units in Egypt.

“Thank you for taking the lead during the hard times that Egypt and the world is facing, you was an inspiring model of mercy and generosity. You contributed to saving souls, improving treatment procedures, raising over-all survival rates, providing training for physicians, nurses and other medical specialists and improving healthcare.

Thank you because you were a source of inspiration for others, what you are doing reminds me with the simple story I heard about one of 57357’s heroes who was a patient in the Hospital, was granted cure, and is used to donating her monthly allowance to Hospital 57357. When her mother asked her about the reason for what she’s doing she said that during her illness she saw friends donating to help her and other sick children, while expecting nothing in return, and when she recovered, it became her turn to help other patients while expecting nothing in return.

Dr. El-Erian ended his message saying: the journey is yet so long and the challenges are many, and we are still living in the Corona’s dark tunnel, but I am sure we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ambassador Makram attended ECN’s annual activity seeking to support cancer patients in Egypt, especially children patients.