Ongoing sadaka and continuous support by Alshams club for 57357’s children

Ongoing sadaka and continuous support by Alshams club for 57357’s children

Hospital 57357 welcomed the visit of a delegation of Alshams club’s board members headed by Mohsen Abdel Kader, treasurer, along with a group of the general assembly members, which is not the first one in support of our patients.

This visit falls within the commitment of the club’s board and members to play an active humanitarian role in favor of   Egypt’s most distressed and underprivileged. The visit was organized thanks to the efforts of the 57357 foundation units responsible for corporations and sports clubs outreach.

Our children welcomed the guests with flowers after which a presentation of the Hospital’s achievements and expansion projects was given at the Hospital auditorium to acquaint the visitors with all the efforts exerted in pursuit of offering the highest quality comprehensive care to the maximum number of children with cancer.

Mr. Abdel Kader delivered a donation check to the Hospital. This donation is the outcome of the club’s initiative of collecting donations from members in favor of children with cancer. The donation is a part of the membership fees that are collected annually and this is the second time they carry out this initiative. The donations contribute to an ongoing sadaka in the club’s name. The visiting delegation members promised more support for the Hospital.

To express our gratitude, the Hospital trophy was handed to Mr. Abdel Kader as representative of the chairman of the club, Mr.Usama Abu Zaid.

At the end of the visit the guests toured the Hospital and visited children in the different sections. It is noteworthy that the Hospital have been receiving visits from the club’s representatives since 2009 as they are constantly sharing in delighting our children and celebrating different occasions with them